For Your Drinks Cabinet: Roberto Cavalli Vodka

As the style stakes are upped for the return of London Collections: Men next week Elysium Magazine thought it was time to add a drink that is perfect for the fashion world – Roberto Cavalli Vodka.

Mad Men: The Drinks

Elysium Magazine analyses the cocktails of Mad Men – especially those enjoyed by discerning gents Don Draper and Roger Sterling.

Bond Style: The Drinks

Ahead of the new Skyfall film, Elysium Magazine looked to explore the realm of the famous James Bond cocktail. With the help of a leading mixologist we look at how to drink like Bond.

For Your Drinks Cabinet: Crystal Head Vodka

Here at Elysium we’re fond of the visually captivating, as any discerning gent is, so today we have a treat for you spirit aficionados. Our recommendation for your drinks cabinet this week is the eye-catching Crystal Head Vodka.

For Your Drinks Cabinet: Fair Quinoa Vodka

This week Elysium Towers has come over all ethical as our moral compass points in a direction to highlight a spirit that is good to the earth and the people who help produce it. This week marks the start of Fairtrade Fortnight so, rather aptly, our recommendation for your drinks cabinet is the principled Fair Quinoa Vodka.

For Your Drinks Cabinet: ABSOLUT London

It’s not often that Elysium comes across a bottle that we’d rather leave out on display rather than put back into the drinks cabinet. Well, one of these times is when we cast our eyes on a highly visual bottle design, so eye-catching in fact that you’d not want to hide it away. Gents, let us introduce you to ABSOLUT London.

For Your Drinks Cabinet – elit by Stolichnaya

Elysium Magazine has always been partial to premium vodka – there’s something about the crisp clean taste that guarantees a good tipple. So imagine our delight when introduced to elit by Stolichnaya.