For Your Drinks Cabinet: Quintessentially Vodka

We’re feeling very premium at Elysium Magazine this week. More so than usual which is why this week our recommendation for the discerning gent’s drinks cabinet is a tipple of the finest standing and classic British status. Without further ado, let us introduce you to Quintessentially Vodka.


You may have come across the name Quintessentially before. They are of course a leading luxury lifestyle group and something the discerning gent of Elysium Magazine has much in common with. This time the group has joined forces with distillers G&J Greenall to produce vodka of ultra-premium class.


The vodka is born of the finest organic wheat and purest English water filtered through ancient pebble beds. There is definitely something of the British craftsman in the production of this tipple that ticks all the boxes. When you consider the 250 years of distilling knowledge at G&J, you can imagine and appreciate the luxury nature of this spirit.


The bottle is striking too. A symbol of masculine power you’ll agree, this emblematic matte black vessel will certainly look the part in the drinks cabinet and catch the eye. Once it’s caught the eye, it’ll have every intention of influencing other senses too – taste and smell.


On the palate it’s as clean and crisp as you’d expect of ultra-premium vodkas, with a small hint of aniseed. The nose is neutral with a touch of sweetness in the background, where the addition of rowanberry extract plays its part. Finally there’s the gentle warmth on the finish with no burn typical of lesser vodkas. It’s perfect over ice or in a fresh summers’ cocktail.


Quintessentially Vodka is 42% ABV and available in 70cl bottles from Harvey Nichols, RRP £52


For more details visit Quintessentially Vodka

Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

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