For Your Drinks Cabinet: Crystal Head Vodka

There are many great spirits for your persuasion, but sometimes the vessel containing the drink often provides the extra cachet to really capture your drinking attention. Here at Elysium we’re fond of the visually captivating, as any discerning gent is, so today we have a treat for you spirit aficionados. Our recommendation for your drinks cabinet this week is the eye-catching Crystal Head Vodka.


Admit it, you’re impressed. One look at this bottle is enough to instantly crave it. Like something straight out of an Indiana Jones movie and into your drinks cabinet, this vodka will turn heads and will undoubtedly become the talking point of your drinks collection – and if first looks were the only factor in the decision-making process then this may disappear quicker than water evaporating in the desert.


Now we’ve turned your head, it’s time to tell you a little bit more about this vodka. It started with an archaeological mystery of 13 crystal heads found around the world from American to Tibet. Polished into shape from solid quartz, yet baring no clues in craftsmanship they are one of the world’s biggest unsolved mysteries. The heads are said to offer spiritual power and enlightenment to those who possess them, hence are symbols of life rather than death. This posed the ideal inspiration for the vodka’s creators – one of which is actor Dan Aykroyd (yes Ray from Ghostbusters!) who set about creating this masterpiece in bottle design.


This is no jar of ectoplasm though. For such a fine vessel of a bottle, only the purist of liquids would be worthy. Step forward a spirit that’s quadrupled-distilled and triple-filtered through Herkimer diamond crystals. The water is sourced from a glacier lake in Newfoundland, Canada. As a result Crystal Head Vodka has won numerous awards already despite its relatively young years – this vodka is definitely shaking up the established order.


Possessing this vodka in your drinks cabinet certainly adds something special – a taking point. If you’re a believer in spiritual power and enlightenment, this just might add to your discerning gent aura. It might also frighten some folks too, but it’s still a reaction right? Elysium’s serve recommendation – it has to be straight up and served in a crystal head shot glass (yes these are available, if you can find them…), but also great in the numerous cocktails created for the vodka too.


Crystal Head Vodka is available from The Drinks Shop, RRP £42.49


For more information and cocktail recipes visit www.crystalheadvodka.com


If you need further convincing, we’ll leave you with a few words from Dan Aykroyd himself…


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Amit Chakravarty

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