Timepiece – Bentley Barnato 42 Midnight Carbon

The style stakes are up at the moment – London Fashion Week is in full flow and it’s all about the slickest lines and trends. Recently launched by Breitling is the Bentley Barnato 42 Midnight Carbon, and it looks rather special.

Summer of Style – Keds for Men

Time to leave the formalities in the office – the weekend means its time to relax. Keds provides that relaxed feeling….from head to toe! Read on to find out about its latest range.

Summer Of Style – Timepieces

With summer now with us, Elysium Magazine looks to the wrist of discerning gents as thoughts turn to the fine timepiece you’ll want after reading this.

Summer Of Style – Swim Shorts

The Elysium Summer of Style is in full flow, and this week we take a look at swimwear – just in time for the ‘heat wave’ across the UK. As discerning gents you’ll be aiming to look sharp, even when dressed in very little, because style never takes a day off.

Summer Style – Walk Like A Man

Summer is almost upon us! With the great weather preparing us for what maybe a sizzling hot summer, now is a good time to pack away all the jumpers and scarfs and get working on the Olympic summer of style. With the flurry of stylish tourists flooding our shores, we need to fly the British flag for fashionable gents! check out our first piece starting with footwear.

Radley Man’s Up

If you have ever seen Gok Won parading around your high street or on the TV, you will know men should not neglect accessories. Particularly the wallet, belt, watch and all important man bag.

Imagine our excitement when we discovered Radley had just launched a new men’s line. Here are Elysium Magazine’s favourites.