Summer of Style – Keds for Men



Continuing our Summer of Style, we are walking with Keds! Monday to Friday the modern gent is working and needs to have his suit in order – the weekend is time to play and leave the formalities in the office. What better way to relax than to don a pair of Keds.


In 1916, Keds created the original sneaker – or as they like to say, the first ever “feel-like-everyday’s-a-Saturday” shoe. But that was a bit of a mouthful…so instead they called it the Champion. With silent rubber soles (superb for sneaking up!), and a featherweight feel, the Champion more than lived up to its playfully confident name. On legends and icons, it danced through the decades to become a true-blue American go-to.


Keds have a great selection of footwear in its Summer 12’ collection – a variety of colours to match any outfit – come rain or shine! Elysium Magazine had a Keds day – the team wearing a trendy pair of Keds for the days – testing them out and about in London.


The team were fairly pleased with the results! the variety in the range meant that in the heat-wave – the Keds made the outfit. In the Jubilee downpour, the Keds still held their own!


In addition to the Champion range, the slip-ons are great! Lazy weekends coming up? Just slip on a pair and get to it, comfortable and stylish you wont be disappointed.




Keds are a great American original shoe which has continued to keep up with the latest trends – Mischa Barton rocked a pair every now and then – and did it with style! Even funny man Owen Wilson couldn’t resist that relaxed feeling when he stepped out for a red carpet premier! Although we are not sure the suit and Keds combination is a winner this time round!


A perfect pair of weekend shoes, with the style a discerning gent needs to continue with in the weekend, are here! Keds are priced from £39.99 upwards and available from Next, Office and ASOS. If you have a pair take a picture and tweet us! Relaxed weekend or summer festival – get your Keds out!



Sam Uppal

Sam Uppal

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