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Mad Men by the numbers

Posted in Entertainment on 23 April 2015 •

Mad Men has began its final season. It’s hard to believe, but our introduction to Don Draper and his dapper Sterling Cooper colleagues was more than seven years ago now. That’s a lot of cigarettes in the office.

How many? Glad you asked….

Mad Men: the final season

Posted in Entertainment on 9 April 2015 •

Elysium Magazine previews the final episodes of Mad Men.

Mad Men: Season 7

Posted in Desire, Entertainment on 25 March 2014 • Read More...

Mad Men returns in April for season 7. Will this final season answer all the questions remaining about Don Draper and his advertising gang? Elysium Magazine is excited to find out!

London Cocktail Week

Posted in Desire, Eating & Drinking on 7 October 2013 • Read More...

Elysium Magazine takes its pick of the best places for the discerning gent to enjoy a cocktail during London Cocktail Week.

The Discerning Boxset Collection

Posted in Desire, Entertainment on 5 September 2013 • Read More...

Elysium Magazine looks through the top boxsets that every man should own.

Mad Men: The Best Quotes So Far

Posted in Aspire, Desire, Entertainment on 12 April 2013 • Read More...

Mad Men is known for its sharp dialogue so we just couldn’t resist picking out some of the best quotes from the show so far.

Mad Men: Grooming

Posted in Desire, Style on 11 April 2013 • Read More...

Don Draper’s grooming regime ensures he is the lion of Madison Avenue. A prince among the “creatives” – take the grooming out of the scene and there is little left. The Mad Men Grooming guide.

Mad Men: 5 Things Discerning Gents Can Learn From Don Draper

Posted in Achieve, Aspire, Business & Career on 10 April 2013 • Read More...

Mad Men is back tonight for Season 6 so the timing is right for Elysium Magazine to pick out five things discerning gents can learn from the show’s star Don Draper.

The Mad Men of Madison Avenue

Posted in Desire, Entertainment on 9 April 2013 • Read More...

As Mad Men returns for a sixth season we look at the great advertising art created in the era where Draper was king of Madison Avenue.

Mad Men Style: The Suits

Posted in Desire, Style on 8 April 2013 • Read More...

Elysium Magazine looks at slickest Spring/Summer suits that give you the style of Don Draper, so you can suit up like Mad Men’s finest!

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