Mad Men Style: The Suits

Watching AMC’s Mad Men you can’t help but favour the slick styling of the show. Men’s suits have arguably never been given such intense focus than on the TV show where its characters are defined by style. Don Draper is the show’s leader and, in the eyes of Elysium Magazine’s Style team, is a discerning gent of impeccable style like no other.


Every suit he wears looks good – every time. Whether formally dressed for the crucial business meeting, entertaining clients in the evening or hastily leaving the bedroom of his latest conquest – no matter the scenario looking good in a suit comes naturally to Don Draper, and it can be for you too.


So how do you get a slice of style served straight from the sartorial platter Don Draper feasts on? Dissecting Don Draper’s style DNA, Elysium Magazine notes how he prefers his suits soft and thick in the shoulders but tapered at the waist give (or show off) a more V-shaped silhouette – that classic alpha male physical trait. Don Draper’s jackets are a little long at the bottom – great for taller discerning gent as this lengthens the torso but stick to shorter lengths if you lack the height. Finally, the fitting of Don Draper’s suits are tight – no excess material at all.


With these style characteristics in mind Elysium Magazine picks out four new suits that work these elements well. These Spring/Summer lines will ensure you walk into the workplace feeling like a discerning gent with the style credentials of Don Draper. Compliment these suits with a crisp white tailored shirt and classic pocket square. Don Draper would never forget the pocket square.


Dapper Like Draper In Pal Zileri


The new Spring/Summer collection from Pal Zileri meets all the principles of a Don Draper suit. It’s your choice between the grey or navy suit – both are great cuts with slick style.


  • Pal Zileri grey suit (left) – Suit £1245 / Shirt £169 / Tie £125 / Pocket Square £35
  • Pal Zileri navy suit (right) – Suit £1239 / Shirt £169 / Tie £89 / Pocket Square £35 / Belt £175 / Shoes £415


Stockists: www.palzileri.com / 020 7225 2999


Slick Like Draper In T.M.Lewin


Suits from T.M.Lewin always feature classic styling and Don Draper would certainly favour any one of these two suits we’ve picked out. Count Roger Sterling as a fan of the grey number too. Both are slim cut for a fitted look.


  • T.M.Lewin Curtis (left) – Charcoal striped suit – £249 (was £560)
  • T.M.Lewin Rooney (right) – Brown Suit – £299 (was £600)


Stockists: www.tmlewin.co.uk / 0845 389 1898

Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

Amit has a refined taste for all things luxury lifestyle, with a particular penchant for men’s style. He’s keen on the latest watches – especially classic timepieces, new drinks, luxury travel, fine dining, executive technology, new gadgets and sports for the discerning gent.