Wined & Dined: Kaspar’s At The Savoy

Elysium Magazine visits The Savoy in London to check out the new menu at Kaspar’s At The Savoy restaurant. There’s a new seafood menu with the focus on provenance and origin. Sounds perfect for the discerning gent.

Wined & Dined: The Diner

Elysium Magazine visits The Diner in Soho to check out the all-American inspired new menu. Check out our review to see what we thought of the experience.

Discerning Gent App Review: GrillTime

The discerning gent likes nothing more than perfectly cooked meat, so this week’s app review ensures sizzling to perfection every time you’re on the BBQ or in the kitchen. It’s GrillTime.

Wined & Dined: Perkin Reveller

Elysium Magazine reviews London restaurant Perkin Reveller to find out if this venue influenced by Chaucer is suitable for the discerning gent.

The Suffolk Riviera

Elysium Magazine enjoyed some of the best coastline Britain has to offer whilst indulging our appetites more than we should. Find out why a discerning gent will come back singing the praises of the Suffolk Riviera.


Elysium Magazine loves a good restaurant and we recently got to visit Satsuma in London Soho.

That’s Just Capital – Festive Things To Do In London

If you’re blessed with an extended festive break this year, you’ll need to find things to do and see. Luckily Elysium Magazine is on hand again, with Paolo Shaoul taking you on a merry dance through all the best bits in our capital city this Christmas.