Discerning Gent App Review: GrillTime

App: GrillTime


  • Device(s) this app available on: iPhone/iPad


  • Price: £1.49


  • Straightforward user interface and easy to use: Yes


  • Easy to set up: Yes


App Summary

The discerning gent is very much a connoisseur of flame-grilled meat. No matter if on the BBQ or over the kitchen hob, there is nothing better than the smell of char-grilled meat to get the taste buds going – unless you’re a vegetarian that is. Technology has found many ways to help the discerning gent out with his culinary skills and this is one of them. Now you have the knowledge in your hands to cook a specific type of meat just the way you like it.


The Good

In essence this is a timer and alarm function to help you sizzle to perfection. Simply tap in the type of meat, the temperature of your BBQ or griddle pan is and your preference in how it’s cooked and the app will calculate to the second when you need to flip it over and how long in total it’ll need to cook for. It’ll help ease the stress of cooking for a crowd!


The Bad

The user interface is simple enough – you just need to remember to listen out for the alarms when cooking rather than socialising too much with the crowd. That is probably the biggest risk with this app.



Perfect for the discerning gent craving a perfectly cooked slab of meat fresh off the BBQ or griddle pan. Let’s hope for more sunny autumn weekends otherwise you’ll be using solely in the kitchen!


Score: 9/10


Link to download the app: Here

Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

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