Lessons from the Samurai

he Book of Samurai: Samurai Arms, Armour & the Tactics of Warfare, offers an unparalleled insight into the lives, beliefs, practices of the samurai era. It also provides tactical advice and wisdom that can be applied to many scenarios today. Elysium provides a preview of what the Discerning Gent can expect.

REVIEW: Canary Smart Home

Elysium Magazine considers what the 2018 tech landscape could be given the promises of last year – smart homes continue to be the focus.

As part of our search for what should be on your wish list we discovered Canary – a smart home monitoring system that does a fair bit to ensure your home is safe. Read on to find out what we thought.

Apple: is VR the future?

Elysium Magazine considers what Apple needs to do next to satisfy the demands of consumers and investors in 2016.

The 2014 Golden Globes

Elysium Magazine has been working through the nominations to pin down next year’s favourites to win the Golden Globes.

Elysium Magazine Men Of The Year 2013

It’s been a year of highlights for discerning gents across the global, but who really stands out? Here we look at Elysium Magazine’s Men Of The Year 2013.

Wined & Dined: Royal China

Elysium Magazine continues its search for great tasting food – this week we review the institution that is Royal China, based in London’s Baker Street.