Apple: is VR the future?



Elysium Magazine was listening closely to Apple CEO Tim Cook last week when he openly said virtual reality “has some interesting applications,”. According to the Financial Times, Apple is so interested in VR that it already has a secret team of hundreds of people to work on the technology.


Sources indicate the team was created through calculated acquisitions and the poaching of virtual and augmented reality experts from competitors like Microsoft, which has openly demonstrated its future vision of VR. The group marks Apple’s second under-the-wraps foray into virtual reality, having once tried in the mid-2000s under former CEO Steve Jobs before scrapping the project because the technology wasn’t advanced enough yet.



Lets also not forget the last rumour of a secret team working at Apple HQ to build the Apple Car; nothing we have heard about since. The foray into the auto industry for tech firms makes sense, the apparent demand by the industry for some competition and, so far, is limited to CarPlay.


Apple hasn’t had a good few months with sliding iPhone and iPad sales, unaccounted Apple Watch sales and the lack of any innovation on the horizon will see investors demanding more. Current rumours of the March showcase for Apple include a smaller iPhone, here at Elysium we are not very excited about that prospect but we are hoping to be surprised.



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