The Future Of Performance Art – In 3D?

Advancements in technology have seen our lives benefit to an unprecedented level. One of the big areas of constant development is entertainment as the hunger to be wowed and impressed continues to reach ever higher levels.


Of all the avenues in which entertainment has reached new levels, theatre and performance art is perhaps an area where its impact is less obvious. Well not any more as the experts in 3D technology, Dassault Systemes opened the eyes of the discerning gent this summer with the world premier of Mr et Mme Rêve. The concept, to merge the worlds of theatre and performance art with interactive 3D sets in real time was a very bold move.



Dassault Systemes aren’t new to the world of pioneering 3D technology. They’ve routinely pursued the sectors and areas where you’d think they’d have no grounds for exploration – fashion, archaeology, sports training and even medical advancements. But the task of delivering the live action play Mr et Mme Rêve was an entirely new direction.


The result of the latest venture this summer certainly caught the attention. Two of the world’s greats in performance art – Marie-Claude Pietragalla and Julien Derouault – took to the stage in Paris and made it look like second nature.


Timing was a crucial aspect, as backgrounds and objects became an interactive part of the performance. It’s not a new concept but it opens the realms of possibility for the future of performance art, theatre and ballet.


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Purists could argue that heavy involvement of technology in performance art takes something away from the magic of theatre. It’s a justified worry but with all other forms of entertainment benefiting from advancements in technology why should theatre be left behind? The curtain has risen to a new chapter.


For more information about Dassault Systemes and Mr et Mme Rêve visit: www.3ds.com

Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

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