Immersive 3D – A Reality For The Home


3D technology has come a long way since the days where we all dreamed of a world like that portrayed in The Lawnmower Man. We’ve been enjoying the 3D experience in cinemas for a while and now developments in technology have allowed the experience to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. Further still, 3D gaming has taken on a new dimension that new powerful consoles will be able to deliver smoothly. But what if you craved more from the 3D experience and where else could 3D manifest itself into the very culture of our every day lives?


It’s a question Elysium Magazine has been pondering, together with the dilemma about how the discerning gent will benefit from the advances in 3D technology in the years to come. There does look to be an answer to all this and its come from Dassault Systèmes (DS). Regular followers of Elysium Magazine will have come across the name in the summer of 2012 when we looked at how the 3D technology developed by the French company is being used by Olympic athletes in order to achieve a legal competitive advantage in their sport through deeper analysis of their movement.


Putting You At the Centre Of The Action

They’ve now taken the 3D experience further, and at the same time helping historians out too. DS invited Elysium Magazine to Paris to witness what they call an immersive 3D experience – the LIVES type cave room. It’s a room that requires 7 projectors and a high spec PC to deliver a 3D world you can virtually travel through with the aid of a hand-held joystick and small headset.



To showcase the technology DS has mapped out the entire city of Paris through the centuries. It’s a fascinating achievement itself where you get to see how the city developed over the years from a small village to the metropolis it is now. The whole experience, titled the Paris 3D Saga, can already be accessed via computer and tablet app. Of course all the historical information DS has collected is of huge relevance to historians eager to find out the architectural details behind the city’s evolution. There is also scope for the technology to be used as an educational tool in museums and schools.


3D Possibilities

Given a glimpse at the future, as well as a virtual peek at the past, the whole 3D immersive experience got us thinking here at Elysium Magazine about how else this technology can be harnessed for the future of entertainment. For the discerning gent, who craves next the generation games console or cinematic exposure, perhaps the addition of a 3D room in his home, similar to the 3D cave DS demonstrated would be the next level.


Imagine a gaming world you explore on foot, ducking and diving past obstacles Call of Duty style, or setting up the perfect assist for your star striker in FIFA. If movies are more your preference, imagine being part of a film world where your physical actions influence the storyline. The possibilities are endless and they are certainly worth getting excited about.



With the advent of next generation gaming already announced, the immersive 3D experience room in the home is a reality waiting to happen. Technology is catching up with our dreams, perhaps we won’t be able to tell one from the other in the future.


For further details about Dassault Systèmes, visit: www.3ds.com

Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

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