For Your Drinks Cabinet: Patrón Reposado

That taste of summer – crisp, sweet and refreshing. It’s the feeling that makes drinks after work or at weekend BBQs that more enjoyable. Whilst some drinks have year-round suitability (read: whatever the discerning gent fancies), some drinks are made for the summer. That’s why this month Elysium Magazine adds to the drinks cabinet of the discerning gent Patrón Reposado.


For those tequila drinkers who want a touch more complexity and smoothness to taste, Reposado is the one for you. Benefiting from the craftsmanship that singles out the Patrón range, this tequila is great as a sipping drink or mixed in as part of summer cocktails. The only thing the discerning drinker needs to monitor is the quality of mixers used. Remember, it’s the quality of the tools used that define you as a builder – be that houses or, in this case – cocktails, so use the best you can find.


Working with the best agave growers in Jalisco, Mexico provides Patrón with the finest Weber blue agave. It’s then slowly baked in brick ovens – the slow pace allows the starches in the plant to convert into flavoursome sugars with a unique aroma and taste.


The next step defines each Patrón variety, in this case aged in oak barrels for a duration between three to five months months to develop the aged colour and taste. Interestingly, Reposado incorporates the fresh clean taste of Patrón Silver and a hint of the oak flavour found in Patrón Anejo – best of both worlds then for the discerning gent.


Patrón Reposado is bottled at 40% ABV and available in 70cl bottles – all hand-numbered as is the Patrón way.  Available from The Drinks Shop, RRP £49.99



For more details about Patrón tequila, visit: Patrontequila.com

Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

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