For Your Drinks Cabinet: Patrón Añejo

It’s starting to get warmer and the sunshine is teasing us with splashes of its rays every other day. We live in the hope we’ll get a British summer time any moment now, but in the meantime we need something to distract us with memories of lavish weather and good times. What better opportunity then to indulge in one of Elysium Magazine’s favoured spirits – tequila. As mentioned back in March this year, we like to mix things up. This time though we’re concerned about savouring the taste. So our recommendation for the discerning gents drinks cabinet this week is Patrón Añejo tequila.


What we have here is premium tequila created for sipping. There’s no salt shaker and lime wedge at this table my friend. Instead you’ll find a weighted glass tumbler or two and a bottle of Patrón’s finest. Made from the Blue Agave that we raved about when adding Patrón Silver to the famed drinks cabinet. However, the Añejo variety of tequila is perhaps a touch more special in the line up.


This is a delicate blend of uniquely aged tequilas. Taking a sip, you will get a spicy, pepper like flavour that is smooth. Very smooth. Then you’ll get the smokiness and a slight sweetness in the finish with a long spicy tingle on your tongue. Adding a little water helps brings out some of the barrel characteristics too. Sounds good, right?


It’s a double distilled vintage that’s produced with care and attention, resulting in a delicious golden spirit of smooth texture. It’s also packaged well in individually numbered bottles that come boxed up and look the part. It’s got all the signs of a spirit just waiting to be ushered into the illustrious drinks cabinet of the discerning gent.




Patrón Añejo is available from The Drinks Shop, RRP £54. For more details about the Patrón range of tequilas visit: www.patrontequila.com



Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

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