For Your Drinks Cabinet: Patrón Silver

We here at Elysium Towers like to mix it up when we can. Sometimes we REALLY like to mix it up, but in a stylish way of course. After all, too much work and no play leaves the discerning gent rather bored. That’s why this week’s recommendation for your drinks cabinet is the ever-tempting and wildest spirit of the bunch – Patrón Silver tequila.


Forget all those hazy memories of nights in your youth when a couple of below par tequila slammers caused ripples of debauchery (…followed by sickness) during an end-of-week shindig. You’re a discerning gent now and only the best will do. Patrón Silver certainly delivers. Drinkers beware: said ripples of debauchery may reappear with excess consumption in this case too, only that you probably look better now than you did back then.


This tequila has a crystal clear look and elegant smoothness. Credit here to its atelier makers who squeezed years of distillery expertise into each bottle. Those that know the difference between the varieties of tequila may find Patrón Silver the finest silver tequila available.


The story of tequila is a good one, so mark and remember my friend. It’s produced using the Blue Agave, a cactus-like plant and member of the lily family. The flower alone takes eight to ten years to flourish – an indication that you can’t rush perfection. At harvest, the ‘pina’ is selected and trimmed then slowly baked. When cooked just right, it’s ground up and the fermentation is done with the fibres of the ‘pina’. This helps achieve the special taste of tequila.


After a double distillation the tequila is aged in small oak barrels, but aged young hence the name (silver tequila is aged young or ‘joven’ for the correct term). It’s then fine filtered and ready to catch the eye in the bottle.


As for the best way to enjoy Patrón Silver? Perfect on the rocks with a squeeze of lime, or mixed into a luxurious cocktail. Known more as a sipping tequila, this is a drink you should relish slowly, rather than just knocking it back. It’s a refined drink so should be enjoyed in an equally refined manner. Go forth and enjoy.


Patrón Silver is available from Waitrose, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and The Drinks Shop. RRP from £45.99


For more information about Patrón Silver visit: www.patrontequila.com

Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

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