World’s Most Expensive Holiday: Luxury Trip Costs £1 million


Deciding where to go on holiday each year can be a tricky challenge. Elysium Magazine likes to help with inspiration which is why our Travel section is always filled with ideas to suit different tastes. But sometimes the decision is too much and the only thing you can do is go EVERYWHERE.


For those who have come to such a grand conclusion, a unique and epic holiday experience for two has just been put together to feed this monumental level of wanderlust. It will cost no less than £990,000, ensuring you get back some change from the £1 million that will no doubt be needed to purchase the remaining travel accessories you’ll both require for this trip.


The luxurious two year tour will visit the 962 places the World Heritage Committee believes to have outstanding cultural and natural value. The itinerary includes Mexico’s ancient city of Monte Alban, the amazing Taj Mahal in India, Cambodia’s exotic Angkor Wat Temples, the Great Pyramids of Egypt and magical Machu Picchu in Peru – sitting 8,000 feet above sea level.



What else to expect from a package deal that works out at £445,000 per person? You’ll get business class flights and stays in über luxury hotels including Sandy Lane in Barbados, The Plaza  in New York, The Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai; the Cipriani Hotel in Venice and The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Moscow to name a few. The price also includes a £5,000 donation to UNESCO too.


This holiday of a lifetime is certainly at the pinnacle of travel experiences and something the discerning gent could very well be tempted to indulge in with his partner. The hardest decision at the end of such a trip will be where exactly to go to next!


For further details visit VeryFirstTo who specialise in luxury products and experiences.

Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

Amit has a refined taste for all things luxury lifestyle, with a particular penchant for men’s style. He’s keen on the latest watches – especially classic timepieces, new drinks, luxury travel, fine dining, executive technology, new gadgets and sports for the discerning gent.