The Discerning Gent’s Christmas Gift Guide

The countdown is on and the discerning gent needs to get his Christmas gifting spot-on to keep the festive cheer going through till New Years. Relax, Elysium Magazine has all your bases covered with our 2018 gift guide.

The Right Kind Of January Blues: The Best Blue Seas

Seeing as it’s Blue Monday, what better way to get over the extreme January Blues than to book a holiday to a destination that offers the most vivid blues known to the discerning gent. Here’s your guide to the best blue seas, complete with pantone references!

No to the Detox?

Elysium Magazine talks to Stella Photi, the Founder of Wellbeing Escapes, about avoiding the detox in 2014!

The Best Beaches Of The World

Elysium Magazine picks the best beaches of the world. Booking a holiday to one of these destinations is a sure fire way for the discerning gent to beat the January blues!

The Ultimate Film Fan Holiday

The ultimate film fan’s holiday itinerary for the discerning gent with a penchant for film and an eye for luxury travel. It’s 20 of the most famous iconic film locations around the world.

Rested & Recharged: Hotel Bellevue, Dubrovnik

If the discerning gent’s guide to Dubrovnik has convinced you to visit this glorious town then you’re going to need a place of suitable luxury to stay. Elysium Magazine reviews the five star Hotel Bellevue in Dubrovnik.