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The sight of gents in suits can provide much inspiration for the discerning gent. London’s canary wharf provides more for style then the traditionalists in the City – with diversity comes the need for sophisticated eateries and bars. Canary Wharf in London provides a good range and in search for some sophistication we visited One Canada Square.



The Look, The Feel

One Canada Square is easily located in Canary Wharf. Amongst the giant buildings, stretching into the clouds, it’s the biggest one!  The restaurant is located on the ground floor cornered–off for privacy from the many resident workers, it’s a buzz with people looking for good food, drink and conversation.


The Main Event

The atmosphere was great for after work drinks, entertaining clients and for those looking for an energetic atmosphere in which to celebrate. The restaurant is split over two levels with great views overlooking the urban jungle that is Canary Wharf.


The drinks menu is sophisticated – gin drinkers are in for a delight. The iPad menus were a slick touch; adding to that sophisticated atmosphere we were looking for in the Wharf. Drinks out of the way we tucked into some starters.


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The Lobster bisque, butter poached lobster (£12.50) and Yellowfin tartare, spiced avocado, black pepper dressing (£12.50) were first up. A fantastic introduction to the menu, which was dissected by the waiter with his recommendations. His knowledge paid off, the starters were fresh and indulgent.


The starters were a fantastic introduction to One Canada Square’s ethos of quality food and service. After another round of cocktails we rushed for our mains; Herdwick lamb, confit leg boulangère potato, rosemary curd, crosnes, lamb jus (£24) and 45 day aged Cumbrian Shorthorn Sirloin steak (£32). Two meaty and succulent mains, which were again recommended by our trusty waiter. Beautifully presented and well made to order, we were more than satisfied. It was no wonder the restaurant was so busy mid-week, its not just the city that can enjoy the perfect steaks that London has to offer.



One Canada Square is a inviting but elegant affair, a buzzing atmosphere makes it popular with a regular crowd and the restaurant is strictly business – the staff seek perfection, if its not to your taste they want to know.




The discerning gent is loves One Canada Square, not just for the atmosphere and quality food but also for the service you receive which will keep you coming back for more.




Food: 5/5

Ambience: 5/5

Venue: 4/5


Style: European



One Canada Square

No.1 Canada Square, London, E14 5AB

020 7559 5199



Sam Uppal

Sam Uppal

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