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One of the luxuries of London is knowing whatever you are in the mood to eat, there will be a restaurant, not too far away, to satisfy your desires and needs. When you think of steak houses – like us – thoughts of Hawksmoor, Goodman and Gaucho immediately spring to mind. However, there is a new venue of choice when it comes to steak; MASH.


MASH, which stands for Modern American Steak House, was born in Copenhagen, and is located in the popular Piccadilly Circus. Elysium Magazine was invited to sample what everyone was talking about when it came to steaks in London.




MASH is located on Brewer Street; a stone throw away from the bright lights of Piccadilly Circus. A nice, easy central location that will appeal to the business types and tourists – the steak house itself is beautifully spacious, a fantastic 1930s Art-Deco interior provides a great talking point with the staff and the bar is fully stocked with every sprit we could think of!




The venue certainly appeals to the business lunch/dinner crowd. Not as crowded or busy as other steak houses but the focus on food is still 100% clear. However, tourists in London, looking for a bite to eat are certain to wonder in. A number of families were feasting away as we approached the dining area.


The bar leads on to the dining area which seats up to 300 hungry carnivores. Before you enter into the dining area you are welcomed by two glass meat lockers hung with ageing beef. This signals what this place is really about. We were certainly excited.


The staff were extremely careful with recommendations and keen to ensure the evening was perfect – a special occasion or otherwise. A walk through of the meat locker provided good insight into the knowledge of the waiter and the prices of the steak on offer. Following our educational tour of the meat lockers we knew all about the Argentinian, Danish, Uruguayan and US steaks on offer at MASH.


Our starters included Foie Gras Terrine (£10) and Smoked salmon with potatoes and spinach (£10). The starters were beautifully presented, fragrant and fresh. This was a great start but we didn’t come here for anything but the steak.




Strictly following the waiter’s suggestions, we ordered the Danish Ribeye (£30) and Uruguay Fillet (£30). Both were succulent pieces of beef, perfectly cooked as requested and accompanied with pepper sauce and a fantastic red wine; specifically recommended by our waiter.




The Ribeye was a prime piece of Danish beef, which had been dry aged for up to 70 days. This process enables the meat’s natural enzymes to tenderise the cut and the flavour. This was apparent when enjoying the steak. Each mouthful was a joy – and the waiter could see the look of delight on our face.


Along with our succulent steaks we opted for the popular Chilli fries (£4.50), Creamy Spinach (£4.50) and Stir-fried Jalapenos (£4.50) as sides. Each of the sides were presented beautifully and we could immediately see why the Chilli Fries were popular with diners.


MASH on Elysium


The focus on the steak was well done for MASH, the discerning gent – no matter where he goes – looks to ensure he gets the best experience possible. This is particularly important when deciding where to eat; for business or pleasure. The mains are plentiful and do leave you satisfied however, there is always room for dessert!


The MASH cheesecake (£8.50) was sublime, as was the selection of ice cream on offer (including Vanilla, Chocolate, Liquorice and Peanut!). The service continued to be consistent – all the way though to dessert – which was perfect.




MASH has not been in London long but has already earned its reputation as a connoisseur of steak. While MASH will not appeal to anyone on a budget, the discerning gent – in search of luxury and a premium steak should look no further. MASH provides a fantastic venue, with full trained staff, pleased to assist to ensure you enjoy your dining experience.




Food: 4/5 stars

Ambience: 4/5 stars

Venue: 5/5 stars


Style: American Steak House



77 Brewer Street
T: 020 7734 2608




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