Vertu Ti – The £7,000 Smartphone


What does the discerning gent who has everything crave? He’s got the luxury home, the Bentley in the drive and a serious timepiece on his wrist. Perhaps the latest iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy SIII just doesn’t do it for him in terms of a mobile phone. If this is the case he’ll need a Vertu in his life. The British mobile phone maker based in Hampshire as outdone itself this time, launching a new smartphone – the Vertu Ti – costing a serious £7,000.


So what does £7,000 buy you in the world of smartphones? Well all the expected mobile tech is included – a 1.7 GHz processor, 64GB storage and an 8MP camera to snap expensive photos. Added to this is a 3.7inch sapphire crystal screen that can only be scratched by diamonds – careful now as these are sure to be lying around the home of the discerning gent who has everything. A polished titanium case and platinum materials are standard on this Vertu device. The 180g weight gives it a reassuringly heavy feeling in the hand, much like an expensive watch.



The operating system has also received a welcomed update here. Whereas previous Vertu devices ran the now dated Symbian system – the reason why the whole world stopped buying Nokia phones a few years back, the Vertu Ti runs on Google Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich.


Perhaps the biggest draw of a Vertu handset is the exclusive world offered to owners of the device. A simple click of a button takes you through to a curated ranged of benefits and services available via a global team of professions at your beck and call 24/7. These include Vertu’s famous concierge service to book you a private jet or make a restaurant booking, whilst Vertu Life provides you with tailored articles and features…much like Elysium Magazine, so bookmark this site on your mobile now.



The Vertu Ti is a statement phone. Its features are nothing new in the world of smartphones but the added personal service is like a scaled up real life version of Apple’s Siri. It has the same level of craftsmanship as a Bentley car or an exquisite Patek Philippe timepiece. If you like things well made this could be for you. There are of course other smartphones available but the Ti is reassuringly expensive and decadent symbol in the tech world.


Vertu Ti available from £6,700 – contact Vertu

Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

Amit has a refined taste for all things luxury lifestyle, with a particular penchant for men’s style. He’s keen on the latest watches – especially classic timepieces, new drinks, luxury travel, fine dining, executive technology, new gadgets and sports for the discerning gent.