Out of this World – Samsung Galaxy S3

There’s a killer amongst us. It’s officially out this week, and you my friend could be its next victim. Well, first off – relax! Elysium doesn’t mean to alarm you, but you could be well be another victim to this particular kits’ charms. We are of course talking about a phone, the new Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile dubbed the iPhone killer. It’s a big claim, so the Elysium team thought to get hands-on with this beast to see if it lives up to the show-stopping bill.



After getting acquainted with this sleek piece of technological engineering, we can most definitely confirm its killer looks. At just 8.6mm thin it would give many supermodels a run for their money. It’s all sexy and shiny, but what else can the discerning gent expect? Let us break it down for you:


  • 1.4Ghz quad-core Exynos processor. Just the name of it impresses us but it really does zip along lighting quick
  • A 4.8in Super AMOLED touchscreen – one of the most vibrant the Elysium team has witnessed so far
  • A front-facing camera that tracks your eyes to keep the screen active while you’re looking at it. Say bye to frustrating auto-lock screen shutdown scenarios
  • An 8MP camera that recognises your friends from the photos you take and tag them according for sharing on Facebook
  • Pop Up Play – the Olympian-like (actually faster) Exynos processor allows simultaneous operation of a multitude of apps – i.e. play videos in a smaller window whilst playing a game on the larger window. Perfect for multi tasking maniacs!
  • Display from your phone to your TV effortlessly
  • S Voice – the S3 understands vocal commands and does pretty much anything you can do on the phone via the power of word. Apple’s Siri needs to up its game


Overall, the S3 can be dubbed the Lamborghini of the Android mobile world – lightening fast with a host of flash features, and suitably lavish price tag. The design is something Apple’s Jonny Ive would be proud of. but with great power comes massive consumption though – the more you put the pedal down (use it) the quicker it’ll drain battery life. It’s certainly a premium phone, for the premium man. Your move Apple.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 is available from various mobile operators on contract, or brought for RRP £499.99. For more details visit Samsung

Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

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