The Discerning Gent’s Guide to Dubrovnik

The Adriatic Sea is home to many wonderful sights but arguably none are as picture perfect as the coastal town of Dubrovnik, Croatia’s most up-market destination. Carved into the coastline, Dubrovnik is a place made for the discerning gent who favours hot sunny days, pristine azure and emerald seas, and a lifestyle that leaves many with a permanent smile on their faces. Elysium Magazine travels east to showcase a healthy slice of the good life.


When To Go

Due to its geographical location Dubrovnik is ideally suited to the discerning gent and his partner keen to exploit a constant high 20’s/early 30’s degrees celsius however way they choose to. The best time of year to go is between May to September when the hot summer air caresses the skin in welcomed embraced and the seas are warm enough to enjoy without a fear of the getting the shivers.


Like elsewhere across the Mediterranean July – August is the peak of the high season when tourist numbers swell but anything either side of this gives you plenty of room to manoeuvre.


Old Town

Without doubt the old town city walls of Dubrovnik are the premier highlight and in fact a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s a sight to behold – a mighty defensive wall built between the 13th and 16th centuries that surrounds the entire town. Up to 25m high and 6m thick in places, its imposing mass hides a myriad of pedestrian walkways, eateries and Croatia cultures within.



Originally built to protect the town from foreign invaders, the city walls are now its biggest tourist attraction. Views of the red-tiled roofs can be stunning from the highest spots and a leisurely afternoon walk of the city walls is well recommended to get a sense of perspective of the locality.


Pile Gate, the main entrance to the old town, is the starting point for most and offers a grand welcome into what is a quaint and beautiful town. It’s busy at most times and the vibrant sense is infectious. Meandering through the narrow walkways, feasting on the coastal views and stopping off at the museums and churches contained within will enchant the soul.



Beach Life

A town on the sea like Dubrovnik matches the splendour of its baroque architecture in the old town with a number of magnificent beaches dotted up and down the endless coastline and neighbouring islands. A number of mainly shingle and pebble beaches and bays line the coast. Head to Banje Beach if you want to remain close to the old town, or for beaches further away from the main tourist hangouts head to Copacabana Beach in Lapad, Sunj Beach on Lopud Island (approx 60min boat ride away), or Lokrum island (30min boat ride) for stunning rocky beaches.



Discerning gents opting to see the coastline on foot are recommended to checkout the coastline running up from Copacabana beach and around the Lapad peninsula. Here you’ll find sections of rocky beach offering plenty of privacy and tranquillity. Reached via steps carved into the rocky cliffs, they offer the ideal spot to catch the sun throughout the day and watch stunning sunsets on the horizon.


If swimming is your thing wade out into the crystal clear waters armed only with a snorkel and a sense of adventure to witness an abundance of sea life from eye catching fish to dazzling corals.



The vibe of Dubrovnik is very laid back but if you feel in the mood to pick up the pace there are a number of activities to get your high octane kicks from. Hiring a jetski to zip around stretches of shoreline is a guaranteed way to get the adrenaline going.



For those looking to give their muscles a workout, sea kayaking can offer a testing workout set against a backdrop of alluring emerald coastline and fairly calm seas – all in glorious 30 degree sunshine. This type of workout burns around 540 calories and hour and really works the core and arm muscles. A few hours of kayaking will stoke up the appetite for the evening.


Culinary Delights

Being a coastal town the discerning gent can expect some seriously flavoursome fresh seafood on offer in Dubrovnik. The seas hold plenty of bounty and you can gorge yourselves on tasty shellfish and molluscs. Indulge yourself in seafood specialities taken from the Croatian regions of Dalmatia and Istria such as black risotto (made with squid’s ink), grilled fish and fresh oysters.


The old town is home to some fantastic Croatian eateries serving a broad range of dishes for whatever the occasion. From quick bites to lavish three course meals, each pathway inside the old town can lead to plenty of tasty opportunities.


Wine is another thing the region is known for and the seemingly unlimited sunshine develops the grapes into a true rhapsody of flavour. You’d be hard-pressed to find a bad regional wine here and after extensive tasting Elysium Magazine can highly recommend the Dingač and Peljesac reds.



Being such a vibrant town on the coast, Dubrovnik attracts a beautiful and dressy crowd in the evenings. There is good reason for this as nightlife in Dubrovnik, especially in the summer months during balmy nights, bring an international crowd to some of Europe’s premier music festivals. Be sure to check out the local diary during your time there as the big DJs frequently play here.



If the mood is more centred around a leisurely drink then head to Buza Bar and Buza II located in the southern part of the old town. Entering what is literally a hole in the city’s wall you’ll make your way down to a cliff-side bar offering views of the Adriatic Sea like no other. It’s another perfect spot to watch the sun go down.


Dazzling Dubrovnik

The discerning gent with a taste for the sun-kissed up-market lifestyle will adore Dubrovnik. It’s the place to do as much, or as little, as you like at the pace you want. The miles of idyllic sunny coastline and warm pristine seas make for an amazing holiday experience that’s less than 2.5 hours away from the UK.


For those wanting to extend the dream then Croatia offers plenty more stunning coastline up the Dalmatian coast – places like Cavtat, Hvar, Split and the KornatiIslands offer more of the same. The discerning gent is advised to book tickets for his partner and himself as soon as possible. Once booked set the mind in motion for what you’ll both be enjoying in this amazing part of the world full of history, culture and stylish charm.


Getting there

British Airways flies to Dubrovnik daily. Prices from £290 return.

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