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If you look around your office, you will see the gadget-geek boasting about the latest Apple iPad or Galaxy smart phone. There’s one in every office, and for all you know, it may even be you!


With technology moving so fast its always the way, the little phone you bought is no longer the smallest anymore and you end up looking like everybody else in the crowd. As you strive to set your own style, a quality pen is often the secret touch that will set you apart in the crowd of technology loaded offices.


Using a pen is a symbol of tradition, many get complacent using the office standard Bic biro and fall into the fold but a pen is one of the best tools you have to demonstrate your ability in the work place, business or even in a bar capturing those all important digits from a new acquaintance. Nothing says more than a elegance pen at your fingertips.


In our search for tradition, style, and wisdom we came across a unique collection by Cross.  Fusing exquisite craftsmanship and superior design with a hint of mystique, Cross reveals the new, special edition Year of the Snake  collection. Epitomising quality and style, for which Cross is renowned, these stunning writing instruments are the ultimate style statement, inspired by the wisdom, beauty and spirit of the Year of the Snake.



According to the Chinese Zodiac, Snake people are enigmatic and wise, thriving on new ideas and innovative thinking. The uber stylish Cross Year of the Snake pen is the perfect writing instrument to ignite ideas, release creativity and inspire thoughts, beautifully.


Meticulously crafted, the Cross Year of the Snake collection features a delicate snake design, deeply etched into hand-polished lacquer in translucent blue or high gloss black, decorated with rhodium plated detailing. Each pen is presented in a stunning, luxury gift box, with a removable presentation stand so you can display your pen with pride.



One of the most common questions concerning a quality pen is the price. An average quality pen will cost you around £150, where a unique special edition pen is the way forward.


If money is not an issue, treat yourself to a special edition pen. Every company produces a collection devoted to a specific theme. Parker once manufactured a pen with a medallion made of the shell of a nuclear warhead. Mont Blanc is more oriented towards major figures in history like Alexander the Great, Mozart or Dostoyevsky. You should expect to pay over £1,000 for those unique pens. But this is the price to pay to stand out in a crowd.


The Cross Year of the Snake collection is a superb range which naturally ensures you stand out from that crowd. The Collection is available in ball point (£220), rolling ball (£270) and fountain pen with a solid 18ct gold, rhodium plated nib (£320).



The Chinese zodiac suggests people born in a Year of the Snake are intuitive, intelligent and wise. They are great thinkers, intense, passionate, inspirational and perceptive. Well known Snakes include: Daniel Radcliffe, Kanye West, Marlon Brando, Sarah Jessica Parker and Brad Pitt. Not a bad crowd to mix with.


The Cross Year of the Snake collection is available from www.cross-pens.eu or at all good stores including Selfridges, Harrods, Goldsmiths and The Pen Shop.

Sam Uppal

Sam Uppal

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