Smartwatch: ALCATEL Onetouch


The dawn of the Apple watch is here, it has done a fantastic job rallying the mainstream to the importance of a timepiece. The design has much to be improved on but Alcatel know that. It recently gave us a snipet of the Onetouch Watch; it actually looks like a watch! Check out what you can expect from this smartwatch that has got us excited.


It looks like a watch and feels like a watch but it’s much smarter than that. Alcatel Onetouch watch is a smartwatch that puts a premium on elegant design at a very accessible price. After its much-anticipated, successful debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January, it was honoured with a prestigious iF Design Award by the iF International Forum Design GmbH.


In launching the watch, Alcatel Onetouch was not content just to make the latest connected technology available to the greatest number of consumers. Offering the watch at a fraction of the cost of competitors, the smartphone brand implemented its design expertise to offer a series of fine finishes that meet the demands of those looking for the same look and feel as a traditional watch. “It’s called a wearable, so we wanted to make something that would be a pleasure to wear,” said Alcatel Onetouch’s Chief Marketing Officer Dan Dery. “The watch face and the band are slim, like a regular watch, but it has the multi-functionality of a smartwatch.”



Available in several styles — sporty dark red/volcano black, feminine all-white, classic chrome/dark gray and elegant metal-white — the Alcatel Onetouch watch employs materials such as brushed chrome, micro-textured resin bands and white stainless steel. This choice of finishes assures that it will appeal to both men and women, demonstrating Alcatel Onetouch’s dedication to bringing to the market products that fulfil everyone’s needs.


While offering choice and style, the watch also offers multiple fitness functions and connects to Android and iOS smartphones via Bluetooth.



Elysium Magazine will be undertaking a full review of the Alcatel Onetouch once released so keep an eye out for, what we hope, is  a worthy alternative to the Apple Watch.


For more information, please visit www.alcatelonetouch.com.

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