Political Cocktails: Which Tipple Will Rule?

This Thursday, 8th June, the nation will decide. The fate of the UK lies in the hands of the millions of voters who will mark an X on a ballot paper to signify their choice for this General Election and mark the beginning of a new era or the continuation of the current regime. Another choice, although in no way as significant, yet just as important in the environment of bars and pubs is cocktail choice – bright colours, strength and the type of serve reveal enough about the drinker.


Blend the worlds of politics and mixology together and that creates a unique juxtaposition in a week that holds huge significance. Well, that’s exactly what the bartenders of the Blue Boar Bar in Westminster, London did when creating their very own political cocktails. Each drink is crafted to reflect the characteristics of the party leaders. Here, Elysium Magazine runs the rule of the four contenders.


Theresa’s Kitten Heel Fizz

Standing out as clearly as Theresa’s famous heels, this includes the unexpected pop of champagne. Will Theresa will be savouring the bubbles come Thursday night we wonder?


Corbyn’s Reign

Plays on notes of sweet and sour as vodka, cranberry juice, strawberry and lemon are combined in a mixture that shouldn’t really work, but actually does. Will Corbyn have the same fortune?


Tim’s Lib Cat Who?

The combination of traditional and neutral flavours comes together as vanilla, pineapple, passion fruit and vodka bring this to life. Can Tim do similar at the polls?


Nicola’s Tartan Army

Leaning into the traditional Scottish tipple of whisky as the base spirit, this cocktail also features lemon juice, lychee liqueur, chamomile syrup and ratafia liqueur. Will similar strength be required for Nicola party?


Head Bartender, Roland Mandoki said: ’We are quite a fun bar that doesn’t take ourselves too seriously so to inspire a bit of debate at the table, we have created these Political Cocktails. We wonder who will win?’


The Political Cocktails are available in Blue Boar Bar and are priced at £12.25 each. The bar will be open all night on 8 June 2017 in line with the General Election results.


Reservations: Blue Boar Bar London / 020 3301 1400.

Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

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