PlayStation 5: What We Know of PS5

A week on from the news about the next generation PlayStation console had many around the world giddy with excitement at the possibilities. There was perhaps a touch of nostalgia too, reminiscent of the previous console launches of our youth. It was at Sony’s ‘The Future of Gaming’ event on 11th June where the world got its first glimpse of the what could be with the PlayStation 5 (or PS5) – and most likely, will be – when the console is available for purchase in late 2020.

What we know at Elysium Magazine is that the PS5 will not disappoint. Sony has a track record in the gaming and entertainment sector that it has in a vice-like grip. Looking back over the decades, Sony held its own (PS One + PS2) amid fierce competition from the likes of Sega, Nintendo and Microsoft then ran away with things from PS3 onwards. The PS3 won over the Xbox eventually and the PS4 obliterated the competition. Console wars are largely reliant on the calibre of games available to utilise the wealth of tech muscle under the hood of the gaming console beasts, Sony was able to capitalise and dominate with a succession of gaming hits, although we await news around the Xbox Series X console.

The new PS5 will doubt have the same impact. Due for release sometime between October and December 2020, it’ll likely cost in the region of £399 – £499 – although this price is all speculative for the moment and Elysium Magazine will bring the discerning gent more details closer to launch.

Looking sleek in white and with curves, the PS5 makes the surprise of being available in two forms – a 4K Blu-Ray disc drive system like the PS3 / PS4 of old and an entirely digital disc-free version. Featuring an AMD Zen 2 processor and graphics chip alongside a rumoured 825 GB SSD of internal storage, it will certainly pack a whopping gaming punch.

Backwards compatible with hundreds of PS4 games, Sony is ensuring that those already in the PS ecosystem will be tempted to make the upgrade. Although taking a look at some of the new titles available on launch for the PS5 – the mouth-watering graphics, the gameplay and more – along with the sheer gaming power behind the machine itself, our guess is that many non-PS gamers will make the jump too.

The gamepad has also received a revamp. Named the DualSense PS5 controller, it’s a black-and-white colour scheme but with the trademark Triangle, Square, Circle and Cross buttons. The Lightbar has moved towards the top-rear of the controller and there is haptic feedback in the L2 / R2 shoulder buttons – mainly to measure the tension of each press in the same way one would draw the strings of a bow.

It’s an exciting time for everyone who loves, or is involved in, the world of gaming. It’s first mover advantage with the Sony’s PS5, now everyone is waiting on news from the Xbox Series X corner. Watch this space for further updates.  

Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

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