The New Nexus 7 Mini Tablet

With technology moving at its current rapid rate the discerning gent needs to know when to stick or twist with regards to the latest gadgets. Search giant Google recently unveiled the update to its first mini tab last year, the new Nexus 7. With a range of new bells and whistles, the discerning gent might well be tempted with this latest 7-inch mini tab. Elysium Magazine had the opportunity to get hands-on with the new Nexus, built by Asus, and put it through its paces. Let’s take a look at the Google’s rival to the iPad Mini.


Dazzling Screen

The first thing you’ll notice is the screen quality. The first Nexus 7 was no slouch on the display front but the latest version has bumped up the resolution to a whooping 1980 x 1200 giving you 323 pixels per inch (PPi) in stunning high definition. In comparison to the first Nexus at 216PPi and the iPad Mini at just 163PPi, you’re getting a much vibrant and crisper display and the world’s highest resolution screen.


Vital Statistics

The new Nexus 7 is beautifully slim and sleek and Google has managed to power up the spec whilst still shaving off size. The latest Nexus 7 is around 2mm thinner and 50g lighter than the previous model. In the hand it’s lighter than the iPad Mini and still retains the feel of quality in build and design.

Power & Performance

We mentioned that power wasn’t sacrificed for form and the new Nexus 7 packs some serious power under the bonnet. It’s got the faster 1.5Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor to keeps things zipping along together with 2GB of RAM – great for demanding games and movie playback. Audio is boosted by dual stereo speakers with Fraunhofer virtual surround sound. Battery life is extended to 10 hours, one hour more than the first Nexus 7.


The device will come with the latest version of Google’s Jelly Bean operating system, Android 4.3, so users keen to customise and tailor their experience on the open-source platform can chop and change as they wish. A great new feature is the ability to create restricted accounts – perfect for anyone who has to share their tab with young children.


As tabs are increasingly used to take pictures and movies too, the latest Nexus 7 is equipped with a new 5MP rear-facing camera in addition to the 1.2MP front-facing camera available on the first Nexus 7.


Want One?

The new Nexus 7 is available to buy in the US from the end of July and elsewhere shortly after. Costing £149 for the 16GB and £175 for the 32GB Wi-Fi versions, the devices are very competitively priced in terms of spec and quality.


For any discerning gent yet to take a dive into the tablet market, the Nexus 7 represents a tempting option. Feature-packed and perfect as a media-consumption device for the daily commute or when on holiday it ticks all the boxes. The big decision is whether you get this now or wait to see what’s changed for the expected iPad Mini update when Apple unveils details later this year.


For further details visit: www.google.com/nexus/7/

Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

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