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Discerning Gent’s like Don Draper know a thing or two about style – whether it’s the crisp tailored suit or the mid-morning whisky from the drinks cabinet. Mad Men has had an enormous impact on men’s style over the last few years but there is a single item which has become a absolute requirement since we became hooked to Mad Men. You guessed it, the Pocket Square.


Brands were keen to acknowledge the impact the show had on young, stylish gents across the world. Banana Republic even dedicated a range to the iconic show! Designer Christina Perry created a series of posts to advertise the show – based simply on the unique pocket squares sported by Don Draper, Roger Sterling and Bert Cooper.


madmen - pocket square - Elysium Magazine

Elysium Magazine understands the importance of the Pocket Square and it has become a requirement for the team – however, have you ever tried to fold a handkerchief into the three-point fold – sported by Sterling? It’s not easy and once it’s done, there is the chance it could ‘sink’ in the pocket if not done correctly.


Sterling - Elysium Magazine (Mad Men)


How about creating a three-point fold using two handkerchiefs? The look is amazing if pulled off correctly but its extremely difficult pulling it off – we know the discerning gent is style conscious and time poor and this is where Hankyz come in.


Hankyz are unique pre-folded pocket squares that come in a variety of styles and colours. The material used to create the Pocket Square is fantastic and this gives the look of sophistication you want to portray.


One of our favourites is the Chelsea – puffed pocket square, a difficult look to maintain throughout the day, done with easy with the Hankyz.


While Don Draper could easily put together his Presidential Fold, Roger Sterling and Bertram Cooper will need to take their time with their handkerchiefs. The Four-Point Crown is not as easy as it looks. If you want to save time and get a variety of looks – the pre-folded selection from Hankyz could be easy alternative.


Hankyz - Elysium Magazine / Mad Men Style


Mad Men returns to our screens on 10 April 2013 – check out our preview of season 6 for more information.


For further information on the pre-folded handkerchiefs from Hankyz, visit the website: www.hankyz.com

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