For Your Drinks Cabinet: The King’s Ginger Liqueur

Amongst all the tipples in the discerning gent’s drinks collection there should be an option for any occasion. Whilst the more typical spirits are a staple there should also be a few unique curve balls in the group to keep things interesting. Well this week it’s one of those said curve balls as we welcome into the drinks cabinet of the discerning gent a rather regal The King’s Ginger liqueur.


We say regal due to the fact its maker, Berry Bros. & Rudd, holds an accolade many other alcoholic beverages do not – it possesses the Royal Warrant and hence is a preferred brand for the royal family. They have been supplying wines and spirits to the royals for centuries.


Certain traditions may be going out of fashion but the royal family isn’t one of them judging by the fanfare of the Royal Wedding in 2011 and the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations in 2012. The UK certainly loves the tradition of the royal heritage steeped into the essence of everything quintessentially British. With such a royal stamp of approval it’s bound to be good, and we can tell you it is.


The King’s Ginger liqueur is a special kind of tipple, created to stimulate and rejuvenate. It was favoured as the drink of choice for HRH King Edward VII after long horse rides and sessions of shooting grouse. Just as well he enjoyed this after shooting as the high strength liqueur would have played with his aim.


Its appearance is seductively golden which draws you in like honey from the gods. On the nose it’s got a pleasant aroma of warming ginger and zesty lemon with hints of sherbet and golden syrup. It’s on the palate where the impact is most powerful with the initial sweetness developing into the bite of ginger warming the senses leading into a long finish from the bold tastes. It’s no wonder it was seen as a reviving drink!


The best way to enjoy this tipple is on the rocks as a digestif or in a refreshing summer cocktail when amongst friends. One such opportunity would be The Buckingham Palace Coronation Festival during 11-14th July which is celebrating the 60th anniversary this year. It’s an ideal summer’s day out enjoying the royal gardens with a King’s Ginger cocktail in hand. You’ll also get to enjoy the other select brands that hold a Royal Warrant too.


The King’s Ginger liqueur is 41% ABV and available in 50cl bottles from Selfridges or online from Berry Bros. & Rudd, RRP £22.00


For further information and cocktail ideas using the liqueur visit www.thekingsginger.com

Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

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