For Your Drinks Cabinet: Sagatiba Preciosa

So the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics games have come to a sweet end. There’s a massive come down across the capital and beyond as we come to the realisation that the eyes of the world are no longer upon us. Instead they turn to Brazil for both the World Cup 2014 and Rio Olympics 2016. It’s all going to be about Brazil from here on in so Elysium thought it apt to look at their contribution to the discerning gent’s drinks cabinet, and it’s rather special. So, for your drinks cabinet this week is the delectable Sagatiba Preciosa cachaça.


For those of you wondering just what cachaça is (tut tut), it’s the spirit that makes up the cocktail of choice for many parties: the caipirinha. Cachaça is sugar cane rum that’s versatile and ideal for cocktails. However it’s best served up as Brazil’s national cocktail together with sugar and lime muddled together in holy union. Sagatiba makes a mighty fine cachaça, but the Preciosa is truly worthy of a place amongst the discerning gent’s collection.


As with cognac, cachaça is considered a region-specific product and cannot be produced outside Brazil. The vintage of Preciosa is what gives its unique character, aged since the early 1980’s in huge cognac barrels to produce an golden-amber coloured spirit unlike the many white cachaças available. The lengthy aging process crafts the Preciosa into something with elegance, designed to be savoured.


On the nose you get a very subtle yet intense woody scent with toasted coconut, but it’s the taste that brings this cachaça to life. There’s a deep taste of old oak, then with raisin, cinnamon, tabacco and lastly vanilla on the finish. It’s a complex, yet very satisfying tipple to enjoy neat like a cognac or in the classic caiprinha. The Preciosa is a rare one too, which adds to its exclusivity and fuels its desirability in equal measure.


The way Elysium Magazine sees it, discerning gents have the next two years ahead to debate away with pals. First about the home nations’ chances in football World Cup and then a further two years later on whether Team GB can build upon the stunning foundations laid at London 2012. There isn’t a better way to get you into the mood for Brazil than with a Sagatiba Preciosa-inspired drink in one hand as samba beats drift through the air. Elysium says bring on the Copacabana!


Sagatiba Preciosa is available from The Drinks Shop, RRP £239 for 70cl bottle.


For more information about Sagatiba cachaça visit: www.sagatiba.com




Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

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