For Your Drinks Cabinet: Highland Park Odin Whisky

As the daddy of discerning gent’s returns to UK TV screens, what better way to celebrate than with the daddy of whiskies? We are of course talking about the return of Don Draper and Mad Men to TV but for this drinks cabinet introduction we’re coming directly from the gates of Valhalla. This week Elysium Magazine introduces to the discerning gent’s drinks cabinet Odin, from Highland Park’s Valhalla Collection.


As the legend goes, Odin is the all-father of the gods and the ruler of Asgard. Strongest of the Norse gods and driven by a thirst for wisdom, Odin was said to sacrifice an eye for a drink from the Well of Wisdom to earn himself immeasurable knowledge and insight. Quite the character to be named after then.


Odin follows on from Thor, Loki and Freya in Highland Park’s collection of whiskies with character, named after persona’s with big billing. Odin is no different. A single malt scotch whisky matured over 16 years.


What’s it like? The colour is akin to a vibrant burst of sunlight reflected off a Norse sword. On the nose, like the mighty namesake, there is the fierce spices of cinnamon and nutmeg with toasted walnuts to follow. The palate starts as the layers of peat develop into dense oak and the finish is of plums and soft fruit as the finale. It’s a whisky you’ll be wanting to sip more and more.


Odin is another limited edition release of 17,000 bottles housed in the same wooden frame of Thor et al, echoing the contours of the fearsome Viking long ship. A 55.8% ABV available from www.highlandpark.co.uk – RRP £180.

Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

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