For Your Drinks Cabinet: Highland Park Thor

Rarely does a name instil you with power and bravery but at Elysium Towers this week we discovered a spirit that could have been sent from the gods themselves. The gods on this occasion are the Nordic gods of old and the name in question is from one of the most powerful deities. Oh, and he wields a magical, all-powerful hammer. Yes my friend we are talking about Thor himself, and our recommendation for the discerning gent’s soon-to-be magical drinks cabinet is Highland Park Thor whisky.


Any drink that’s named after a legendary god must be pretty special and we have to say this whisky certain has the credentials. On first glance one immediately notices a bottle which is housed in a unique wooden frame, echoing the fearsome contours of a traditional Viking long ship. Not many drinks can boast that kind of first impression. Now imagine that bottle as part of drinks collection.


On closer inspection you notice the rich amber colour of the spirit with an iron ore glow. Things are starting to feel enchanted now. On the nose it’s powerful and forceful – there is an explosion of aromatic smoke and pungent fresh ginger but also of stewed plums and golden syrup. Adding water to this whisky allows the more earthy notes to emerge – much like a field after a heavy rain shower.


On the palate is where Thor really makes the strongest impact. It’s a robust 52.1% ABV aged for 16 years that ensures it grabs the palate in a vice-like grip. At first it’s dry, with the zing of the gingerbread but then the fruity notes of blackberries, mango, peach bind with vanilla and cinnamon. The combination works wonders as they swirl around the mouth. The finish is a lingering of sweet vanilla and intense spiciness.


So where does a mere mortal get such a god-like whisky from? Thor is part of Highland Park’s stunning Valhalla collection. Thor has a RRP of £120 and is available from www.highlandpark.co.uk


Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

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