For Your Drinks Cabinet: Cîroc Red Berry

For the rapper who likes to delve into activities outside of the world of music there are many things he can do. However, generally rappers aren’t very successful with such forays and there’s an entire back catalogue of films which are testament to this point. But sometimes rappers do make the right choice, in this case, P.Diddy or Sean Combs as he now prefers to be known, who amongst other exploits looks to have got his choice in vodka development just right. Therefore this week we introduce to the drinks cabinet of the discerning gent Cîroc Red Berry vodka.


All the P.Diddy stuff aside, this is one very good ultra premium vodka that just oozes decadence and luxury. First off, it’s not made with grain like many other vodkas, this one is made using French grapes. Now vodka can be made from many things but when you consider French grapes also produce fine wines, cognac and champagne, you can start to see where in the luxury scale this tipple sits.


Distillation is another factor we should mention. The discerning gent is a fan of the crisp and clean spirit so the level of distillation a vodka has is always of interest. Cîroc is distilled five times which is perfectly acceptable to ensure none of the bad stuff has a chance to get through. The trick with this vodka though is how it is distilled to minimum alcohol specifications to maximise the grapes aromatics and flavours.


Red Berry is the flavour of this variety – meaning that it’s infused with natural strawberry and raspberry flavours. It’s great as a sipping vodka ice cold, or combined into one of the many cocktails conjured up by mixologists for the brand. Elysium Magazine can safely say this vodka will be a welcomed feature in the discerning gent’s drinks cabinet for its flavour but also its eye-catching bottle too.


Cîroc Red Berry vodka is 35.5% ABV and available in 700ml bottles from Selfridges, RRP £49.99


For more details about Cîroc vodka and for cocktail ideas visit: www.ciroc.com

Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

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