Apple AirPods Pro: Year of the Tiger

With the first week of 2022 in full swing, Apple has announced the launch of special-edition buds that come with tiger-embossed red markings to celebrate the Year of the Tiger for Chinese New Year, which is set to begin on February 1st.

Apple continue the theme it kicked off the previous year when a similar offering was released to celebrate the Year of the Ox, thus 2022 is no different as the Tiger takes centre stage.


The MagSafe charging case displays a special tiger emoji wearing a tiger hood with fireworks in the background to highlight the occassion. Aside from the case, the special-edition product has no noticeable difference other than the same emoji engraved in bright red on the sides of the packaging box. Customers will also receive a set of exclusive red packets embossed with the tiger emoji inside the Apple logo and “2022’ text.

The Special Edition AirPods Pro – Tiger, is now available in-store and online at select Asian markets and so represent an option for our international discerning gent readers and retail for the same price as the regular Airpods Pro at £239. Those currently not in Asia can opt to engrave the standard tiger emoji 🐯 on their case for a similar effect but without the special hood and fireworks.


Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

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