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Airplay speakers are all the range – replacing heavy, clunky, speaker systems. Now all you need is a iPhone and a portable speaker to get the party started. However, quality is key – portable speakers needs to functional and provide the volume required to keep all, in any BBQ situation, entertained. Elysium Magazine gets hands-on with the Jabra Solemate.




The Solemate is advertised as a powerful portable device with 3 speakers on the front in addition to a passive bass radiator on the back. It can connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth device, with a range of 10 meters. It can also be connected via 3.5mm audio jack or USB cable.




In addition to the standard features you would expect from a portable speaker, the Solemate stands out in a crowded market. It follows a simple method to dock – the speak tells you when it is pairing with your device, what level its battery is at and even can be used as a tool to connect to your mobile phone and create a conference call. This is useful for anyone not looking to spend a fortune on hub phones – the controls on the Solemate are also then used to accept/reject calls and even place on mute.




Another distinguishing factor for the Solemate is the sound – this is where the little device comes into its own. The range of the sound, and use of the bass radiator provides great depth to your music – indoors and out. The power on the device means it can really get a party started; we were impressed.


Solemate on Elysium Magazine


The range of sound from the Solemate means it is designed to be used everywhere – in the park, in the kitchen or on the beach. While the full sound can only really be appreciated indoors, the device faired better than we expected outdoors.




The Solemate is designed to be used everywhere and it is for this reason it is rugged and tough but compact. The unit is 172 X 64 X 70mm and weighs 610g, so is slightly heavier then comparative models on the market. However, the compromise is sound quality and longevity; 8 hours of wireless music or 40 days standby is a huge bonus.


Solemate on Elysium Magazine


Underneath the Solemate is a cleverly concealed 3.5mm audio cable, which can be connected to the unit via any music device. This is easy to put away after use – making it simple to connect to any computer to provide that extra quality sound.


One feature that many portable speakers now provide is a dock to charge your device while listening to music. While the Solemate does not provide this, it proves the device is universal and not targeted to only Apple devices. This makes it fantastic to be used on all your devices at home.




The Solemate is a fantastic portable device that truly pushes portable speakers to another level. It is designed to be a functional and rugged device that delivers and it does on so many levels. While it may lack the slick and compact design available with other devices, the Solemate provides a musical entertainment experience that is hard to match.


Sound: 4.5/5

Features: 4/5

Design: 3/5




Available from Amazon.com & Currys Digital   

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