The Sound of the Underground


Its no surprise to Londoners that BBC research has found that parts of the London Underground are so noisy they could damage people’s hearing. Professor Deepak Prasher, head of University College London’s Audiology unit, took the measurements on four Victoria Line journeys.


People with headphones, listening to music, on the tube is a regular sight for commuters. However, how much do you really get to enjoy Coldplay, Jessie J or Kanye West? Constant delays announcements, commuter couples chatting away and the kids on a school run mean we can’t always enjoy the music the way they were meant to be enjoyed.


Elysium Magazine obtained a pair of Digital Silence headphones with a noise-cancellation (ANC) technology and trialed them on the tube. We loved the results!


Designed specifically for mobile phone users, they allow for crystal clear talk and tunes on the go and a hassle-free daily commute, business trip or lunchtime visit to the shops!


We Have The Technology

Boasting Wolfson’s myZonedigital ANC technology, the intrusive sounds of commuter trains, public address announcements or street traffic will be a thing of the past. With high quality speakers and microphones, music can be enjoyed just as the producer intended and calls will be a breeze for both the recipient and caller with the highly sensitive on-cord voice microphone. Since the DS-321D uses active ambient noise-cancelling technology, the user is spared the experience of “blocked ears”: reverberation of speech inside the head, which is typically experienced in headphones with high levels of passive noise isolation. As such, the user experiences crystal-clear, natural-sounding telephone conversations.


Phone calls and music handling are a walk in the park as the stylish DS-321D headphones have a small and lightweight in-line pod with rechargeable battery and an easily-located multifunction control button, enabling users to simply answer and end phone calls and control their music playback without getting tangled up in wires.


Smart Talk


It’s no surprise that the number of people listening to music on their phones is certainly on the rise. When that all-important phone call or text message does come in, music lovers need not worry about its effect on sound. Working buzz-free with the phone, the DS-321D’s won’t crackle and pop like some other headphones. And, if travelling to work really is a big part of your day, a behind-the-neck wearing style and soft ear buds, included in three sizes, will ensure maximum comfort and usability.


The DS-321D headphones are priced at £69.99, available in black and white and can be purchased from Carphone Warehouse, Play.com and Hughes Direct among others. If you are looking for a premium pair of headphones, which provide comfort and quality, look no further than Digital Silence.


For further information and full compatibility listings, visit: www.digital-silence.com For more information about Wolfson Microelectronics, visit: www.wolfsonmicro.com

Sam Uppal

Sam Uppal

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