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What We Do

The focus of Elysium Magazine is all about the discerning gent.


Adjective: Having or showing good judgement.
Synonyms: Perspicacious – Acute – Sagacious – Shrewd – Penetrating.


Noun: A gentleman.
Synonyms: Gentleman – Mister – Sir

The discerning gent is a man keen to enjoy all of life’s pleasures. He’s ambitious and driven, but also wise to the benefits of rest and relaxation. He’s keen to enrich his life through amazing experiences. Elysium Magazine’s content resonates strongly with him to feed his wanderlust for amazing holiday experiences, to dine at the very best restaurants, stay at great hotels, have the latest gadgets, dress with impeccable style and enjoy top quality entertainment. The discerning gent is also keen to push himself through health and fitness goals – where inspirational stories and advice can help to inform and motivate him further. The mission of Elysium Magazine is to enrich the life of the discerning gent. On-the-move with a mobile or tablet, or at work/home, the discerning gent will never be far from knowing how best to enjoy his life. Elysium Magazine: for the discerning gent.