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Privacy Policy

This policy sets out our policy on the privacy of the individual. 


We take your privacy seriously.


In general, www.elysium-uk.com uses the personal information that is collected from individuals and match their needs with relevant products, services and/or process through our websites.


1.0 Definitions and Exclusions


1.1 For the purposes of this policy, ‘you’ and/or ‘your’ refers to the the direct or indirect users of www.elysium-uk.com , sub-domain and any derivatives.


1.2 For the purposes of this policy, ‘we’ or ‘our’ or ‘us’ refers to the owners and administrators of the main domain, www.elysium-uk.com, as well as any sub-domains and derivatives.


1.3 It should be implied that when www.elysium-uk.com is mentioned, any sub-domains and derivatives should also be considered.


1.4 The author and contributors of the Bartonian WordPress Theme, that this site currently uses, have nothing to do with the running, hosting, operation, content or all other areas not mentioned here of www.elysium-uk.com nor should they be held responsible for any damage or loss of data, however caused, that may occur from you using and accesing www.elysium-uk.com.


2.0 Your consent


2.1 Your use of www.elysium-uk.com signifies your consent to us collecting and using personal data about you as specified below in accordance with this policy statement.


2.2 Should www.elysium-uk.com choose to change these terms for any reason, the changes will be posted here so that you are always kept nformed about the collection and use of your personal information, and when we disclose it.


2.3 If you are a company member this policy will be applied subject to any particular limitation or choices of membership application procedure.


3.0 How does www.elysium-uk.com collect personal information about you and how is it used?


3.1 You may provide personal information when communicating with www.elysium-uk.com.


3.2 You may use www.elysium-uk.com products or services and give your name, e-mail address, delivery address or debit cardnumber and expiry date or Paypal account details so that the order can be processed and the services provided where appropriate.

3.3 If you enter a competition or promotion www.elysium-uk.com will ask your name, address and e-mail address.


3.4 www.elysium-uk.com will collect information about your tastes and preferences, both when you tell us and by analysis of customer traffic, including using “cookies”.


3.5 It may be that some of the personal information you give www.elysium-uk.com, (for example, about your health and age) issensitive personal data within the meaning of the Data Protection Act 1998.


3.6 Such information (“sensitive information”) will only be disclosed with your express consent.


3.7 It may be that you provide us details of credit or debit cards or bank accounts or Paypal account in making payment to us.


3.8 Any such information (confidential financial information) will be disclosed only in accordance with the disclosure policy below.


3.9 W www.elysium-uk.com may use personal information collected about you to personalise your visits in the way we recommend our goods and services to you.


3.10 We also use the information to help us develop the layout of our website to ensure that our sites are as useful and enjoyable as possible.


3.11 www.elysium-uk.com may use personal information collected about you to let you know about functions on our website or changes to our terms and conditions of use.


3.12 Sometimes (and only in accordance with any preferences selected by you) w www.elysium-uk.com or other organisations might use the personal information collected about you to let you know about goods, services or other offers that you might find interesting.


4.0 Traffic data


4.1 www.elysium-uk.com may provide aggregate statistics about sales, customers, traffic patterns and information to third parties, but these statistics will not include any information that identifies you.


5.0 Disclosure


5.1 www.elysium-uk.com reserve the right to access and disclose individually identifiable information to enable us to comply with applicable laws and lawful government requests to operate its systems and to protect itself or its users.


6.0 How do we protect your information?


6.1 When you review your account information or order products www.elysium-uk.com might offer a secure server.


6.2 Secure server software encrypts the information that you input and transmit to www.elysium-uk.com.


6.3 In addition www.elysium-uk.com have strict security procedures covering the storage of your information in order to prevent unauthorised access and to comply with the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998.


6.4 This means that sometimes www.elysium-uk.com may ask you for proof of identity or for other personal information before we can process your call or enquiry further.


7.0 What are cookies and how do we deal with them?


7.1 A cookie is a piece of information that is stored on your computer’s hard drive.


7.2 It is normally sent by a web server to you and enables the server to collect information back from your site visit.


7.3 You can find out more about how organisations use cookies by visiting http://www.cookiecentral.com/.


8.0 Export of Data


8.1 From time to time www.elysium-uk.com may knowingly or unknowingly export data outside of the EU area.


8.2 This is because of the services www.elysium-uk.com and/or you (e.g. web hosting) may use residing within the United States of America or other areas and countries not under the juristiction of the EU.


8.3 By using our services, you are aware and accept this.


9.0 How to contact www.elysium-uk.com


9.1 If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please contact us via the main page located here.