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Elysium Magazine is fond of sampling culinary delights far and wide, this week we were invited to Charlotte’s Bistro situated in beautiful Chiswick. A modern and buzzing venue with a key specialism in Gin, we were intrigued by what the restaurant had to offer the discerning gent.


The look, the feel

Charlotte’s Bistro is set in the centre of Chiswick, ideal for local residents or anyone on the commuter belt – a stones throw away from the tube station and bus routes into Chiswick. The décor is welcoming and informal – you are greeted by a well stocked bar which was abuzz with patrons on a Monday night.


We were taken to the dining area which provided an intimate setting for diners, it was not pretentious or over the top – a simple and elegant setting which continued the welcoming theme. A visit to Charlotte’s Bistro could be anything from an informal lunch to a special occasion. With a warm welcome from our waiter, we were keen to tuck into what Charlotte’s Bistro had to offer.


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The menu for the month was refreshing, a firmly British affair, which we loved the look of. The waiter explained the menu to us and provided some background on the ingredients that are locally sourced and of the highest quality. We went with the recommendations of Roast Leek & Potato Soup, with Cheddar and Croutons (£5.50) as well as the Mackerel on Toast with Horseradish and Cucumber (£7). The starters were simple but full of flavour; the chef had done a fantastic job in taking the simple dishes and bringing out the flavours – a treat for your taste buds. With high expectations we took a break and tried a Gin based cocktail, a must at Charlotte’s Bistro, even if you are not a fan of Gin.


The Main Event

Having quenched our thirst we were looking forward to the main event, the waiter was eager to seek feedback on the dishes and offered further recommendations. We were glad to have taken his advice as the Pan Fried Sea Bass with Jerusalem artichoke and Braised Leeks (£15.50) was an absolute gem. The Sea Bass was perfectly cooked – not overdone and beautifully seasoned. Again, the underlying theme seems to be the simplicity of the dish – the combination of the fresh ingredients and quality fish really made the dish stand out for us.


The Crisp Pork Belly with Carrots, Pig Cheek and Lentils (£16.50) would never have been our first choice but we are glad with went decided to go for it. This dish was less ‘simple’ then the previous delights we had sampled but it certainly was our favourite of the night. The dish was beautifully presented and the scent brought out our carnivore in us – the dish was the perfect portion to ensure we were satisfied but also left wanting more. The Lentils were an unusual addition to the dish but really did add to the flavours.


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The evening would not have been complete had we not sampled what Charlotte’s Bistro had to offer for dessert. The Bread & Butter Pudding with Vanilla Custard (£6) was a fair tasty end to the evening, it was rich and perfect for us who wanted to ensure they were bursting at the seams. For those of us who wanted to sample something lighter, we indulged in Dark Chocolate Mousse with Yoghurt Sorbet (£7). The desserts were just as delicious as the main meal – a great evening for the discerning gent, looking for a culinary treat in Chiswick.




Charlotte’s Bistro has gained a good reputation with locals in Chiswick and that was clear when we visited. Despite it being a dull Monday evening, the restaurant was full. We enjoyed the intimate setting and delicious food Charlotte’s Bistro had showcased – so much so that we have returned since and enjoyed a Sunday roast. The discerning gent seeking instant food gratification should look no further than our favourite restaurant in Chiswick; Charlotte’s Bistro.




Food: 5/5

Ambience: 4.5/5

Venue: 4/5


Style: British


Contact: 6 Turnham Green Terrace



W4 1QP

T: 020 8742 3590



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