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Seven out of 10 people who match their suits with the right cuff links are given priority when it comes to business deals. You see, it is all about attention to detail. Cuff links are that final touch of class that proves you take your style, and yourself, seriously.


Cufflinks have been the best known accessories in men’s accessory range since the dawn of the dress shirt. This elegant piece of jewellery states in a single sentence that exceptional styling is in the detailing. Unlike everything else in men’s fashion, men’s cufflinks gets updated quite often with designers offering new kinds of materials and styles for cufflinks. We believe the best cufflinks on the market are the exclusive ones, Corazon Latino has a fantastic range to choose from. Here are the various types of cufflinks you can buy:


Onyx Cufflinks

Onyx is a gemstone that has layers of white, brown and black colours in parallel design. This is used to create fashionable trends in cufflinks by blending onyx with magnificent and lustrous sterling silver to create a unique style. These cufflinks range between £29.99 and £34.99


Fabric Cufflinks

These look simple and beautiful and are quite cheap (from £5.99). These come in geometric designs such as rounds, rectangles and triangles, mostly set in silver frames and can be taken in many colours to suit your shirt style.



Carbon Fibre Cufflinks

These cufflinks have a modern look and makes you stand out in a crowd. These smooth and simple cufflinks have carbon fibre inlay and are coated with real rhodium making them look classic with black enamel surface and diamond crystals. These cufflinks are given a protective finish which gives it a glossy effect to make them long lasting. Priced between £19.99 and £49.99, these cufflinks spell sophistication!



Titanium Cufflinks

Titanium cufflinks have a distinctive look. These are lightweight and scratch resistant and are ideal for all occasions. These are the best things to gift a man. Titanium cufflinks last a lifetime as they have impressive durability and strength. With a shiny steely glossy finish, these cufflinks suit every outfit and are priced in the range from £31.99 to £34.99


Crystal Cufflinks

Now these impart the wearer an elegant rich look. Normally made from Swarovski crystals with either onyx stone or silver frames, these cufflinks have a unique flavour of style and richness to it. Prices range between £29.99 and £69.99. The pair pictured below are the Xana Green Amber Button Cufflinks from Corazon Latino – available for £55.




You can get cufflinks for as low as £5.99, while an exquisite peacock designed cufflink may cost you £175, studded with diamonds and other precious stones. Corazon Latino has the Annan Aqua Seaglass and Silver Cufflinks range. Seaglass is Victorian glass (mainly bottles) that have washed around in the sea for over 100 years before washing up on beaches worldwide. Some of the best quality and rarest seaglass is found on our own shores, mainly along the North East coast.



The seaglass is combed from the beaches of County Durham and then set in sterling silver in Cornwall. The silver is brushed to give a matt finish that complements the frosted finish of the glass. Each piece of glass has its own unique colour and texture, and each cufflink is handmade around the seaglass pebble so colours and shapes are irregular, and every pair is completely unique. The Aqua shades vary from a pale apple to a rich deep aqua.

The Style


Slip the cufflinks into the French cuffs of your shirt. The fabric on your wrists may be a little loose as there is nothing to keep it together. If your cuffs have extra fabric flap at your sleeve end, fold it neatly to make a folded cuff. Now keep the buttonholes of your cuff and the 2 pieces that you want to keep together in the same line. There are different mechanisms used to close the cufflinks. One is a post and a swivel bar type. With the swivel bar closed, pass the cufflink through the buttonhole. Once threaded through the buttonholes, open the swivel bar. This should keep the cufflink in place.



The other types of cufflink locks are button style which has two identical buttons that are linked together by a chain or cod. These can be worn by sliding one button across the aligned buttonholes, thus there will be one button displayed on each side. Clip cufflinks are similar to button-style and have ornamental piece displayed on either side. Clip cufflinks have a front and back and clip together in the middle where they meet inside the aligned buttonholes.


For further information on cufflinks check out: Corazon Latino

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