The Discerning Gent’s Christmas Gift Guide

Next week it’s December and that can only mean one thing – Christmas! Amongst all the festivities and merriment, serious thought needs to be put into the kind of gift the discerning gent will give to the lady in his life. She’s no doubt been dropping hints over the last month so we hope you’ve been paying attention. Don’t worry too much if you haven’t, Elysium magazine is on hand with a few perfect suggestions this year.


Of course, you’ve been good this year too so there’s also a few ideas on how to treat yourself. Remember to take a look at the very best in the style stakes or the latest tablets to get other ideas for the discerning gent.



What She Wants


Putting Pen To Paper

At Elysium Magazine we’ve always acknowledged the power of words. And we’re pretty sure your other half has a powerful vocabulary too. Regardless, there’s nothing more creatively satisfying for her than putting a master plan down on paper – which is where these slick notebooks from Sloane Stationary come in – available in a wide range of colours, with an even wider range of cheeky yet subtle slogans on the front.


From: www.sloanestationery.com

Price: £12.99



Beautiful Bubbles

What better way to start Christmas day than with a glass of bubbles? Get the excitement popping with a glass of this premium Belaire Rosé. Blended from three types of grapes – Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah – this is a vibrant tipple with fresh character and aromas of strawberry and blackcurrant to get Christmas day off to a flyer.


From: www.selfridges.com

Price: from £29.99



Safekeeping Of The Jewels

You’ve probably realised by now that your other half tends to have a lot of jewellery, and when not in use it’s liable to be thrown over and around the home rather than back where they should be. Well this silver and black dragon bowl from Eliská Design poses as the best place to throw the collection into when not in use. And she’ll rest easy in the knowledge that Mr Dragon is standing guard over her prized possessions.


From: http://eliskadesign.com

Price: £1,295



What You Want


Timepiece Real Estate

What discerning gent doesn’t have room for a new timepiece in his life? Exactly! With the festive season in full flow you’d be wise to treat yourself to this Baume & Mercier Clifton watch which has plenty in the style stakes to move effortlessly between the boardroom and the bar. The sun satin-finished blue dial model with the black leather strap is the most eye-catching and sure to be on top of your Desire list.


From: www.baume-et-mercier.co.uk

Price: from £1,990 (model shown £3,350)



Sexy Foosball

Who doesn’t love playing foosball? And playing on something like this would be very special. Available from Chaplins, this foosball table is made from Cristallino, with its diamond-like transparency – and it’ll be the most spectacular pitch to demonstrate your domination of the beautiful game…indoors.


From: www.chaplins.co.uk

Price: from £11,995.00



Artful Hand

There probably are very few men that could match the indelible imprint that Nelson Mandela has left on the world. His courage, compassion and humanity are just some of the qualities that will stand the test of time. You now have a chance to own such an impression with this powerful imprint of the great man’s right hand to act as a symbol of inspiration and hope in your home or office. Never before has a Christmas present held such resonance both visually and mentally.


From: www.belgraviagallery.com

Price: £15,000

Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

Amit has a refined taste for all things luxury lifestyle, with a particular penchant for men’s style. He’s keen on the latest watches – especially classic timepieces, new drinks, luxury travel, fine dining, executive technology, new gadgets and sports for the discerning gent.