The Best TV For 2017

There’s plenty for the discerning gent to look forward to in 2017. Even if staying in front of the TV filled you with FOMO previously, with such good programming content available in 2017 chances are that going out might provide that fear now. Here, Elysium Magazine picks out five of the best TV series to get excited about for 2017.



Tom Hardy is one of Elysium Magazine’s favourite actors with good reason – the intensity he brings to a role no matter how big or small. In the new eight-part TV series, Taboo – written by Chris Nolan together with Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight – the British actor Hardy plays an explorer who returns to London back in the early 1800’s. Given up for dead, Hardy returns from the brink with a bag full of African Diamonds and the look of murder and revenge in his eyes. Expect lots of brooding intensity from Hardy once again.

BBC One – starts 7th January 2017



If political dramas take your persuasion tune into Guerrilla which features another one of Elysium Magazine’s favourite actors – Idris Elba. From the writer of 12 Years A Slave, John Ridley, this six part drama is a love story set during the civil rights movement of 1970s London and the battle between an underground cell of militants and Scotland Yard’s ‘black power desk’ counterintelligence unit to supress activism. Alongside Elba, expect gritty performances from Frieda Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire), Rory Kinnear (James Bond) and Daniel Mays (Line of Duty).

Sky Atlantic – April 2017


The Deuce

Ever wondered how the porn industry really kicked off? Well this could be the answer and satisfy your urge for something to replace your love of The Wire. Set in New York during the 1970s, this eight-part drama tells the story of real-life porn entrepreneurs who helped their dodgy magazine become a billion-dollar industry that rode the wave of cultural revolution that moved forward at the same time. Starring James Franco as two twins and Maggie Gyllenhaal as a pioneering prostitute amongst key characters that were integral to the rise of ‘The Deuce’ – the nickname for 42nd Street where porn got the elevation it needed.

Sky Atlantic – 2017 (no release date as yet)


Narcos, Season 3

The King is dead, long live the King! Even though the show’s star is gone amid a shower of bullets, the flow of powder continues. As Netflix puts it, the blow must go on. Season 3 focuses on the new overlords of the cocaine chain – the Cali Cartel – who, at the height of their powers, controlled more than 90% of the world’s cocaine market. Less prone to violence than Escobar’s Medellín but still just as ruthless, it’ll prove fascinating viewing as the flow of the white lines marches from the Columbian underground labs and up the noses of 90s corporate America.

Netflix – 2017 (no official release date as yet)


Stranger Things, Season 2

The breakout hit of 2016 was destined for a second season and you knew it. Set 12 months after the first season as the sleepy town of Hawkins gets to grip with the fact it harboured a whole alternate reality under its surface. So many questions yet such compelling viewing, Season 2 has the hard task of following up the first which had no expectation. The benchmark has been set and we wait – though we secretly know it’ll deliver.

Netflix – 2017 (no official release date as yet)