The 5 Best Timepieces of Baselworld 2015


This is the time of year when the discerning gent with a penchant for fine timepieces usually feels his wrist start to flinch and twitch. It can only mean one thing – Baselworld 2015. The biggest celebration of horology and fine craftsmanship takes over the small town of Basel, Switzerland for what can only be seen as an orgy of timepiece gratification.


It would be easy to highlight a hundred timepieces, given the sheer number of eye catching models available. However, always one for a challenge, whittling these down to just five is a task gratefully accepted. So before you now lies the five watches screaming for the attention of the discerning gent and his wrist real estate in 2015.


Tudor North Flag

The little brother of Rolex, but not little on the style stakes. The North Flag timepiece features Tudor’s very own mechanical movement, ensuring accuracy. The fabric strap and brushed metal casing give this timepiece an air of adventure. Pretty much the Prince Harry to Rolex’s William.


Oris Aquis Depth Gauge

This is a reworking of a 2013 classic and a great job it is. The gauge around the outside tells you how deep you are when diving, handy when you’re diving for sunken treasure. Elsewhere the darkened steel casing and yellow highlights add style to its substance.


Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m

Synonymous with secret agent James Bond, the Omega Seamaster is another fine timepiece inspired by 007. This time mixing blue and hints of yellow colour with the masculinity of the bracelet. You’ll be ready to accept any mission with this on your wrist.


Breitling B55 Connected

A bold move by Breitling, but also a sign of the times. The B55 combines the traditional analogue watch hands with a digital display. OK, not so radical and a good job too. Instead of adding a host of messaging, emails and social notifications like a smartwatch, the B55 pairs with the Breitling app on your phone to change times or set the alarm. The clever part is the thermocompensated superquartz chronograph that adjusts to changes in temperature, ensuring accuracy.


Hublot Big Bang Unico Full Magic

Hublot have a history producing timepieces that shout the house down for attention. The Big Bang is no different. Billed as the world’s only scratch resistant 18K gold watch, it knows how to make an entrance, as will the discerning gent with this on his wrist.

Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

Amit has a refined taste for all things luxury lifestyle, with a particular penchant for men’s style. He’s keen on the latest watches – especially classic timepieces, new drinks, luxury travel, fine dining, executive technology, new gadgets and sports for the discerning gent.