Taken 2

Neeson is back doing what he does best

The Luc Besson-backed thriller Taken was a surprise hit back in 2008, which cemented Liam Neeson’s second-wind career run as a discerning gent and super dad of the big screen. Four years later, and Taken 2 is almost here!  So what do we know so far?


Liam Neeson returns as Bryan Mills, the retired CIA agent with a particular set of skills who stopped at nothing to save his daughter Kim from Albanian kidnappers in 2008’s Taken.




When the father of one of the kidnappers swears revenge and takes Bryan and his wife hostage during their family vacation in Istanbul, Bryan enlists Kim to help them escape, and uses the same advanced level of special forces tactics to get his family to safety and systematically take out the kidnappers one by one.


The trailer shows Neeson has not lost any of the special skills he learnt in the CIA, he is shown doing what he does best: snapping necks, firing guns, and smashing any baddie who threatens the safety of his family.


Neeson did previous state in an interview that Mills will actually be the one “taken” in this sequel. However, the new international trailer for the film focuses more on our hero’s attempts to rescue his wife (who is taken hostage) by working together with his daughter. Assuming this preview isn’t an example of misdirection – which could be the case – it seems that Mills will only be a hostage himself for a limited portion of Taken 2…..potentially.


Elysium Magazine will be checking out what Taken 2 has to offer as soon as it is released in October 2012, until then check out the trailer and tell us what you think.

Sam Uppal

Sam Uppal

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