Summer Scent – Z Zegna Man & DKNY Summer Men


Looking like the dapper discerning gent this summer is working out well for you right? But not content with looking good, you want to be smelling good too.


Elysium Magazine continues the Summer of Style for discerning gents – and now our focus follows the nose as we look at summer scents. It’s all about hitting your audience with the looks (the way you dress), the sound (your voice) and now the way you smell (your signature scent). Fragrances are like key accessories for men – get the scent right and you’ll feel confident as the fragrant notes subtly react with you body temperature and diffuse across your immediate vicinity.


Elysium Magazine picks out two of the latest summer scents for your nasal persuasion this July.


Z Zegna

Taking its cues from the extensive fashion collections of Ermenegildo Zegna, the Z Zegna scent is based on a woody and watery aromatic fragrance. With the centre of the scent focused on the seductive hues of iris and nutmeg, supplemented with sparkling notes of white pepper, bergamot, casoar fruit and rosemary to combine into a very masculine smell.


Z Zegna: 50ml RRP £40 and 100ml RRP £52, exclusively available at Harrods 












DKNY Summer Men

This scent is a burst of yuzu and grapefruit, with hues of white pepper. The fusion of masculinity is centered on geranium and elemi, combined with cooling splashes of seamoss. The result is a very refreshing scent with a sensual twist – it’s sexy and ready for those hot summer nights…whenever they decide to appear in the UK.


DKNY Summer Men Eau De Toilette 100ml RRP £34, exclusively available at The Perfume Shop 

Amit Chakravarty

Amit Chakravarty

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