Stretching Your Body & Mind With Yoga…On the Beach

So it’s the start of another year and you’ve been hitting the gym, or trying to exercise more. Keeping fit and healthy is important, but so is keeping your exercise routines interesting. This ensures that your motivation never falls. As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life, yet when it comes to exercise why is it the norm to only push weights or get in another hard cardio session? Why is there so little thinking outside the box when it comes to exercise?


Elysium Magazine thought to shake things up for 2012 – gone is the old mentality to just carry on with the norm. The New Year is going to be about new challenges and experiences, all in the effort to keep things interesting when it comes to exercise. This is why Elysium Magazine recommends taking the leap of faith and trying your hand (and feet) at yoga.


Sporting Elite – Success Stories


Yoga has enjoyed a growth period over the recent years, especially in the male market. A number of high profile sportsmen have come forward as keen advocates of yoga. Most notable is Premiership Footballer Ryan Giggs of Manchester United who at the age of 38 is still a key fixture of the United first team. Practising yoga since 2003, Giggs’ career has been prolonged to the twilight years only seen in goalkeepers rather than dynamic midfielders.


Yoga is also known for its knack of conditioning the body to prevent injuries. No practice or exercise will ever make you bullet-proof but the success stories of yoga are there for all to see. Giggs has not suffered any of the hamstring problems that blighted his early career, while a number of leading NFL American Football stars now sidestep the weights room in favour of yoga sessions. It’s thought the increase in flexibility gained from practicing yoga really helps a sportsman, whereas weight training can sometimes rob the muscles’ range of movement due to tightness – often a leading issue when injuries crop up.


There are 19 different types of yoga to be practised, with most popular types like Ashtanga, Bikram (heated to promote flexibility) and Hatha widely taught. Regardless of type they all involve the key elements of controlled breathing, postures and movements designed to focus the mind. Some postures can be physically demanding too, but a great feature of the exercise is that each posture or stretch has easier and advanced forms so the challenge is always there to aim for the next level up once you’ve mastered your standard.


Healthy Holidays


A treat that comes with yoga is that a number of travel destinations are catering to the demands for yoga holidays. This type of getaway is where you practise yoga for a few hours in the morning, probably on an idyllic beach, before having the rest of day to pursue other interests. Beach locations allow you the opportunity to indulge in a range of water sports or scuba diving, or simply relaxing in the sun.


The idea of a health-focused holiday appeals to us here at Elysium Magazine, it’s a win-win situation. It’s also a holiday your lady would appreciate too – you can both practice yoga together in the mornings before heading off for an adventure, or chill out together, in the afternoon.



One such holiday operator is Sardinia Yoga who offers yoga holiday packages on the stunning beaches of Sardinia’s Costa Smeralda. Based at the gorgeous Grand Hotel in Porto Cervo, here you’ll enjoy two hours of yoga each morning with your expert instructor on some of the best Mediterranean beaches and turquoise seas available from a short-haul flight. As a long weekend away, or perhaps something longer, it ticks many boxes and the yoga sessions will no doubt re-energise you and your lady.


As a spokesperson at Sardinia Yoga told Elysium Magazine “Yoga is unrivalled for clearing the mind of stress. It is a brilliant way of maintaining maximum fitness whilst preventing injuries, especially useful if you are a keen sportsman. Not only does yoga have amazing physical benefits but it is extremely relaxing and is a brilliant way to meet new people.”


Faced with the facts, and the idea of sunny beaches on foreign shores, a holiday that combines mental and physical wellbeing is one we highly recommend. Perfect for a spring getaway with your lady.


Sardinia Yoga is open for twelve weeks in 2012: 5th May – 30th June and 1st-29th September, with booking details on the website.


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Amit Chakravarty

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