There is nothing like a little nostalgia – reminiscing of the old days, and that’s exactly what happened when we saw the Robocop reboot trailer. Yes, next year will see Murphy become Robocop; good or bad idea I hear you say…


Joel Kinnaman stars as police officer Alex James Murphy, who eventually becomes Robocop. The year is 2028 and the USA have decided to deal with the ever growing crime in their cities by introducing a crime fighting cyborg, half human/half robot. The law abiding citizens of Detroit will see a new addition to the police force as Robocop pursues justice for the crime plagued city.


The all-star cast includes Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton and Gary Oldman who clearly is not keen on Robocop.



Director Jose Padilha discussed the background of the movie with the Los Angeles Times, “everywhere in the world, robots are allowed, except in America, because Americans won’t accept that a robot can pull the trigger, that the robot can decide to take or not to take a person’s life in law enforcement.”


“So this company is losing lots of money because it can’t sell robots in North America, so the solution is, ‘Let’s put a man in the machine and sell that.”




The new trailer has certainly caused a stir on social media networks but it has attracted mixed comments. If anything, there is a clear intent to retain many aspects of the original 1987 movie; it’s certainly worth keeping an eye on. Robocop is due for release in February 2014.


Sam Uppal

Sam Uppal

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