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You will already be aware that Elysium Magazine loves a good movie, but we also love a good tease! Fans of our Facebook page will see that we do our best to pick our visually entertaining pictures and posters whether it be fan art or images from the web!


This week we combined the two – our love of the movies and art. A combination of our movie previews and some alternative posters are below, let us know what you think.


The Dark Knight Rises



There is no shortage of fan art when it comes to Batman. The official posters of the movie packed a punch but a combination of fan graphics, comic strips and street art certainly mean’t we were in for a treat.













007: SkyFall



Bond has never looked better and judging by the all new trailer SkyFall is going back to the action packed Bond that we have come to love. The international set of movie posters gives us a good look of the characters…and the all new bond girl.




























Total Recall




The Total Recall reboot has changed direction from the original, no Mars! But it follows the same concept. The publicity for the movie went viral with posters about making your ultimate fantasies come true were littered all over the tube catching peoples interests. What’s your ultimate fantasy…

















Another move which gives rise to art is Spiderman – while Garfield did a great job bringing back Peter Parker to the big screen, the amount of posters on show were endless. Here are a selection you may not have already seen.


















The Avengers



One of our favourite movies this year was the Avengers. The combination of Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and the Hulk to name a few, kept us entertained. There is a massive amount of concept art regarding the super heroes – a selection of some of the best on the web.















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