House of Cards


Elysium Magazine is a big fan of the Netflix originals and our favourite is House of Cards. For those who have been party to Kevin Spacey’s rise in the white house will know season 3 has just been released. Elysium has sent the weekend wading through the new episodes and it’s a completely different ball game what is the end game in season 3?


The answer, in the first two seasons of House of Cards was simple: all the way to the White House. But while season two left Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood with the Presidency, the opening of season three is a reminder to be careful what you wish for. Underwood is battling dismal approval ratings, a hostile Congress and a lack of support even from his allies. You can tell he’s worried because his ‘talks’ to camera occasionally stray from self-satisfied into exasperation, even as he’s rolling his eyes at the demands of the presidency.


“I have to do this sort of thing. It makes me seem more human”.


It gets worse. Frank’s cool, supernaturally composed wife Claire (Robin Wright) is pushing to start a fresh career rather than be a passive First Lady, adamant that her time has come to strike out in her own right. A Supreme Court justice wants to retire at exactly the wrong time, Frank’s jobs programme is stuck in limbo and fixer Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly) is recovering from his injuries last season and off his game.




If anyone else – The West Wing’s Jeb Bartlett, maybe – were so afflicted, the outlook would be bleak indeed. But this is Frank Underwood (his initials are not a coincidence) and he thrives on adversity. The right-thinking and proper reaction to Frank Underwood would, of course, be to condemn him. But he’s far too much fun for that, and for all the murder, extortion and violence, we can’t help rooting for him. If you’re a binger, you’ll know by the end of the weekend how he copes with this latest string of crises. If you pace yourself, well, you’re stronger willed than us.


Watch seasons 1-3 of House of Cards now on Netflix.


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